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IMG_6724HRElectronics Engineering Department started in 1996 with an annual intake of 60 students. The Department is equipped with electronic testing and measuring equipment such as Oscilloscopes, Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, Function Generators, Multimeters, LCR Meters etc. The Department is also equipped with microprocessor and microcontroller kits, instrumentation kits, and advanced communication kits so that students can learn about all the necessary hardware before they enter the professional environment. The world around us is changing very fast, with new models of mobile phones, digital cameras, audio and video players and home appliances being introduced everyday. Electronics Engineering deals with the hardware of all such products. To cater to the needs of the electronic industry, the Department offers electives such as Wireless Communication, Digital Image Processing, Advanced Networking Technologies, DSP and Architecture.

The Department takes initiative in conducting workshops for quality improvement of faculty members in association with IIT Bombay through e-outreach programme. The Department also supports events organized by the students association namely Electronics Students Technical Association (ESTA), where they can demonstrate their talents through events like Robotics workshop, LAN gaming, Paper presentation, Quiz competition, etc. Year 2011 was a memorable year for the Department. One of the students, Ms. Madhura Bhogate, secured first rank in the University of Mumbai in Final year BE examination. Besides, three other students have secured ranks in first 20 toppers.

The Electronics Engineering program is designed to produce graduates who are able to –

  • Conduct experiments involving electronic systems using modern test equipment, and interpret and use test results to improve products or methodologies.
  • Create and implement high-level and assembly language programs in support of technical activities.
  • Use principles of science, mathematics, engineering and technology to design, implement and evaluate hardware and software solutions to complex technical problems.
  • Communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
  • Work effectively in a team environment.
  • Apply research and problem-solving skills to support learning at FAMT as well as lifelong personal and professional development.
  • Evaluate the broader effects of technology and identify connections between technology and economics, politics, culture, social structure, ethical responsibility, the environment and other areas.

FAMT accomplishes these goals by –

Providing an academic program that develops a sound foundation in mathematics, physics and technology, as well as competencies in a broad spectrum of technical specialty areas such as instrumentation and process controls, microprocessors and computer systems, digital signal processing, and wireless and telecommunications technology. Incorporating into each technical course a strong lab component, including use of computer hardware, design and test automation software, and test equipment for designing and implementing electronic systems.

Integrating general competencies such as applied research, written and oral communication, critical thinking, problem-solving and team skills into technical and non technical courses.

HoD’s Desk

Electronics engineering has contributed a lot to the technological advancement, so be proud to be a budding electronics engineer. There are two types of people in the world; one who knows the circuit operation and one who doesn’t.

We have a team of qualified and dedicated faculty members to teach you the various subjects of the most versatile branch of engineering. The laboratories of the department are well equipped and full of electronic components for you to experience and grasp the fundamentals of digital systems, microcontrollers, communication engineering, instrumentation and what not. We offer a wide range of workshops, course enrichment’s and Add-on courses for you to become job ready engineers.

I welcome you to the department with an appeal to bootstrap yourself and etch the unwanted in you so that your mind will be doped with good knowledge!!

Girish Govind Bhide


Electronics Engineering Department.


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Faculty of Electronics Engineering Department


Mr. Girish G. Bhide
HOD, Associate Professor
Qualification – M E
Status – USSC
Areas of Interest
Electromagnetic Fields and Wave Theory, Digital Communication, Micro-strip Patch Antenna
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Ms. Vrishali V. Nimbalkar
Assistant Professor
Qualification – M E
Status – USSC
Areas of Interest
Digital and Analog VLSI Design, Microelectronics, Embedded System Design
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Mr. Amol R. Sutar
Assistant Professor
Qualification – M E
Status – USSC
Areas of Interest
Embedded Systems, Power Electronics
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Mr. Sandeep R. Nalage
Assistant Professor
Qualification – M E
Status – USSC
Areas of Interest
Satellite communication, Embedded System Design, Electronics Devices and Circuits
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Mr. Mahesh A. Jadhav
Assistant Professor
Qualification – M Tech
Status – USSC
Areas of Interest
CMOS VLSI Design, Embedded System Design, Electronics Devices and Circuits
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Mr. Rahulkumar P. Tivarekar
Assistant Professor
Qualification – M E
Status – USSC
Areas of Interest
Communication, Signal Processing.
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Mr. Ashish B. Vartak
Assistant Professor
Qualification – M Tech
Status – USSC
Areas of Interest
Computer Networking, Digital Image Processing
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Mr. Rupesh B. Ingle
Assistant Professor
Qualification – M Tech
Status – USSC
Areas of Interest
Control Systems, Linear Integrated Circuits, Image Processing
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Mr Suraj A. Shete
Assistant Professor
Qualification – M E
Status – Adhoc
Areas of Interest
Robotics and Automation, Signals and systems
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News and Events of Electronics Engineering Department

June 9, 2018

STTP on Digital Image Processing

AICTE-ISTE approved One Week STTP on “Digital Image Processing – Issues, Challenges and Research Avenues” AICTE-ISTE Approved One Week  STTP…
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March 26, 2018

A Seminar on Learning MAX10 FPGA Board

A Seminar on Learning MAX10 FPGA Board and Current R&D in Industry Electronics Engineering Department organized a seminar on topic…
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February 24, 2018

Donation to School for Deaf and Dumb

Founder’s Day Celebration Donation to School for Deaf and Dumb  The department of Electronics Engineering celebrated the Founder’s day in…
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February 17, 2018

Success in State Level Project Competition

Team FAMT Wins Third Position in State Level Project Competition Nikita Bhosale and Punita Jadav from B.E. (Electronics) won third…
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December 9, 2017

FAMT Participates in Three Days Science Exhibition

FAMT participated in three days Taluka Level Science Exhibition from 7th to 9th December 2017, at United English School, Chiplun…
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October 8, 2017


Electronics Students Technical Association (ESTA) Three Days Mega Technical Fest “ELECTROFOCUS 2k17” ESTA organized a mega Technical Fest Electrofocus 2k17…
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September 10, 2017

Workshop on Advanced PCB Design

Advanced PCB Design Using Proteus One day Workshop on Advanced PCB Design using Proteus was arranged by the department of…
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August 7, 2017

Workshop on Embedded C Programming

A Four Days Workshop on “Embedded C Programming and Applications Development” A four days workshop on “Embedded C Programming and…
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May 22, 2017

Faculty published book

Congratulations to Suraj A. Shete (Electronics Engg. Department) Our faculty member namely Suraj A. Shete (Electronics Engg. Department) published book…
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March 4, 2017


An interesting workshop on recent topic “Programming with Arduino” was successfully conducted on 03 and 04 March, 2017, at Government…
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February 25, 2017

Parents Meet of Third Year Electronics

The department of Electronics organized Parents meet of Third year Electronics on 25th Febuary 2017. The program started in presence…
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February 11, 2017

Two days Workshop on Raspberry Pi

An interesting workshop on a trending subject ‘Raspberry Pi’ was successfully conducted from 10 to 11 February, 2017 at FAMT….
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February 11, 2017

‘Parents Meet’ of S. E. Electronics

Parents Meet of Second Year Electronics Engineering ‘Parents Meet’ of S. E. Electronics was organized by the department of Electronics…
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January 29, 2017

Workshop on Embedded Systems and Robotics Design

A Three Days Workshop on “Embedded Systems and Robotics Design”A three day workshop titled “Embedded Systems and Robotics Design” was…
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Laboratories of Electronics Engineering Department

•Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab •Software Simulation Lab •Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Lab •Advanced Microprocessors Lab •Analog IC Lab •Digital IC Lab •Instrumentation and Control Lab •VLSI Lab •Communication Electronics Lab •Project Lab

Academic Calendar of Electronics Engineering Department

E-magazines of Electronics Engineering Department

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Placement Record of Electronics Engineering Department

Passout Batch
Placement Month
Passout Batch
Drive Type
Eifa SolkarElectronicsBhilwara Info Technologies Lts.2018Pool Campus
Yashashree TulaskarElectronicsBhilwara Info Technologies Lts.2018Pool Campus
Somaiya KhanElectronicsBhilwara Info Technologies Lts.2018Pool Campus
Akshay AdarkarElectronicsCME Electromech2017Campus
Ruchika SalviElectronicsCME Electromech2017Campus
Dhiraj KadamElectronicsCME Electromech2017Campus
Shubhamkumar SinghElectronicsCME Electromech2017Campus
Suraj KadamElectronicsCME Electromech2017Campus
Sushmeet JadhavElectronicsDignostix Computer Clinic Pvt. Ltd.2017Campus
Amol AvereElectronicsPC Solutions Pvt. Ltd2017Campus
Urmila TalvanekarElectronicsAmazon2017Campus
Sagar SakpalElectronicsPari Robotics2017Off Campus
Sagar JadhavElectronicsCMS IT Services2018Campus
Shubham BhatlekarElectronicsCMS IT Services2018Campus
Chaitanya SalviElectronicsCMS IT Services2018Campus
Pratiksha JadhavElectronicsCMS IT Services2018Campus
Swapnil KumbharElectronicsCMS IT Services2018Campus
Om PathareElectronicsCMS IT Services2018Campus
Asif PanjriElectronicsCMS IT Services2018Campus
Vivek SurveElectronicsCMS IT Services2018Campus
Mahesh PilankarElectronicsCMS IT Services2018Campus
Rahul ShitapElectronicsCMS IT Services2018Campus
Keer TejElectronicsCMS IT Services2018Campus
Nagesh KarambelkarElectronicsCMS IT Services2018Campus
Abhijeet NakhrekarElectronicsSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Siddhesh HaldavnekarElectronicsSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Akshay B JadhavElectronicsSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Asmita H ShejwalElectronicsSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Shruti KarkareElectronicsSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Sachin DevalekarElectronicsSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Sayali GujarElectronicsSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Swapnatej PawarElectronicsSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Ibadullah FakiriElectronicsSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Reshma MukadamElectronicsSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Sanket DandekarElectronicsSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Pallavi DongareElectronicsSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Shubham BhatlekarElectronicsSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Madhurita KharatElectronicsSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Divya pawarElectronicsSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Omkar RahateElectronicsSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Nikita BhosaleElectronicsSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Campus
Vivek SurveElectronicsSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Divya PawarElectronicsQspiders2018Free Training and Placement
Smruti NagavekarElectronicsYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Shreya NaikElectronicsYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Shruti MayekarElectronicsYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Pooja NaikElectronicsYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Bhakti PawaskarElectronicsYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Pratiksha JadhavElectronicsYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Divya PawarElectronicsYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Reshma MukadamElectronicsYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Sumaiyya KhanElectronicsYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Nikita BhosaleElectronicsYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Samiksha KolaputeElectronicsYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Punita JadhavElectronicsYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Karishma KirdavkarElectronicsYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
sagar JadhavElectronicsYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Chaitanya salviElectronicsYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Shubham BhatekarElectronicsYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Rahul ShitapElectronicsYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Company name
Khade Ketan VishnuElectronicsAPPLIED TECHNOSYSTEM
Pawar Harshad SanjauElectronicsFlextronics, Pune
Komal RawoolElectronicsOriented Technology Pvt.ltd
Amit Ashok AwaleElectronicsRosenberger
Masurkar Prashant LaxmanElectronicsS N Telecom
Deepak Lalit OswalElectronicsTATA Interactive Systems
Sujit Chandrakant MoreElectronicsWipro
Mohd Asad KhanElectronicsZEC
Sandip SurveElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Renuka ParsekarElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Tejas GaikwadElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
ShahrukhElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Muddassir KaziElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Dnyanesh ChavanElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Vedika ShindeElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Padmashri WalawadeElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Ruchika SalviElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Nikita HavanElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Alisha AmbekarElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Jayshree ShivalkarElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Abhishek TembeElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Aniruddha DongareElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Sanil DongareElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Prasad NaikElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Kiran JambleElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Akshay AdarkarElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Rushikesh WalkeElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Shrutika AyareElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Nikita VedreElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Dnyanesh ChavanElectronicsGlobenet Solutions Mumbai
Muddassir KaziElectronicsGlobenet Solutions Mumbai
Kiran JambleElectronicsGlobenet Solutions Mumbai
Shubham MorbaleElectronicsGlobenet Solutions Mumbai
Rushikesh PatilElectronicsGlobenet Solutions Mumbai
Amol AvereElectronicsGlobenet Solutions Mumbai
Suraj RajmaneElectronicsGlobenet Solutions Mumbai
Yogesh NagvekarElectronicsGlobenet Solutions Mumbai
Sujit GowandElectronicsGlobenet Solutions Mumbai
Sushmeet JadhavElectronicsGlobenet Solutions Mumbai
Sanket PrabhuElectronicsGlobenet Solutions Mumbai
Dhiraj KadamElectronicsGlobenet Solutions Mumbai
Shaibaj MullaElectronicsGlobenet Solutions Mumbai
Akshay MulyeElectronicsGlobenet Solutions Mumbai
Santoshkumar RabadElectronicsGlobenet Solutions Mumbai
Dhiraj KadamElectronicsPompeii
Sandip SurveElectronicsPompeii
Suraj KadamElectronicsPompeii
Sanket Umesh PrabhuElectronicsAegis
Kiran Sudhakar JambhaleElectronicsAegis
Ankita KopreElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Harshad Vinayak GuravElectronicsL&T Infotech
Kashinath MahadwadElectronicsHCL Info Pvt. Ltd
Harshad PawarElectronicsFlextronics

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Monday-Saturday: 9:00-05:30 Hrs
The college remains closed on Sundays; and First, Third and Fifth Saturday of every month.

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Department of Electronics Engineering,
P- 60¸ P- 60/1, MIDC, Mirjole Block, Ratnagiri – 415639