Training And Placement

Training And Placement

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About FAMT Training And Placement Cell

Training and Placement Cell actively interfaces with the reputed organizations for arranging interviews and campus drives. The cell endeavours to sort out specialized courses, workshops and corporate training sessions. Industry expert are invited intermittently to improve the knowledge of our understudy with the most recent technological developments and industry hones. We foster graduates who are well prepared to deal with the working standards of the industry in public and private sectors and help each understudy to characterize his/her career interest through expert’s advice.

Our Goals

  1. To provide summer industrial training for the FAMT students
  2. To arrange Seminars, workshops and lectures by experts from the industry
  3. To cognizant Career guidance for competitive exams and higher studies
  4. To organize Campus Interviews for pre-final and final year students
  5. To arrange Industry – Institution interaction to establish a rapport with the industry

Training And Placement Team

Mr. Kishor Bhosale – T&P Officer- Head
Mr. Atul Yadav – Deputy T&P Officer
Mr. Mahadev Naik – Assistant T&P Officer

Departmental Co-ordinators

Mr. Sudhir Wamane (Electrical)
Mr. Prabodh Horambe (Mechanical)
Ms. Manasi Kolwankar (Electronics and Telecommunications)
Mr. Amol Sutar (Electronics)
Mr. Raju Marag (Chemcial)
Mr. Onkar Dike (IT)
Mr. Kishor Bhosale (MCA)

Departmental Co-Coordinators

Mr. Deven Ketkar (IT)
Mr. Suraj Shete (Electronics)
Mr. Pratik Kamble (Mechanical)

News and Events of Training And Placement Cell

October 1, 2018

Placement Drive of ACTY Systems

Placement Drive of ACTY Systems India Private Ltd., Mumbai at FAMT           FAMT organized a placement drive of “Acty Systems…
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November 1, 2017

ISHRAE Job Junction 2017

The students of FAMT attended ISHRAE Job Junction 2017 at LTCOE, Koparkhairane, Navi Mumbai on 26th, 27th and 28th October…
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July 27, 2017

Campus Recruitment Drive of CEM Electromech

T&P Cell hosted Campus Recruitment Drive of CEM Electromech Pvt. Ltd. Pune on July 27, 2017 for BE Electronics and…
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July 22, 2017

Aptitude and Soft Skills Training Programme

Aptitude and Soft Skills Training Programme Training and Placement Cell organized Aptitude and Soft Skills Training Programme for Mechanical, Chemical…
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March 28, 2017

45 Students Placed in Aegis Ltd.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the students of FAMT for the selection in Aegis Pvt. Ltd. (an ESSAR enterprise) Campus Recruitment held…
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Placement Record

Passout Batch
Aakash MusaleChemicalFinolex Industreis Ltd. Ratnagiri2018
Mahesh MashkeChemicalFinolex Industreis Ltd. Ratnagiri2018
Rushikesh NavaleChemicalVAV Life Sciences Ratnagiri2018
Swapnil SalunkheChemicalNicomet Goa2018
Devdutta ShindeChemicalJacobs2018
Parikshit ManjarekarChemicalKelviaon India LTD2018
Prathamesh TaralChemicalBlue Circle Organics2018
Ashish KolekarElectricalGadre Marine2018
Prithiviraj ThoratElectricalSustain Mahindra2018
Akshay KulkarniChemicalNandadeep Chemicals, Lote2018
Sujit GaikwadChemicalNandadeep Chemicals, Lote2018
Vishal SuryavanshiChemicalNandadeep Chemicals, Lote2018
Neel SukhatankarChemicalGharada Chemicals Lote2018
Kaustubh S MhatreChemicalEpic Research, Indore2019
Megharaj JahagirdarChemicalEpic Research, Indore2019
Salman Lalsab NadafElectricalCapgemini2018
Rakshanda U SavekarElectricalEpic Research, Indore2019
Afshin MhateElectricalEpic Research, Indore2019
Anuj G. OswalEXTCEpic Research, Indore2019
Kislay SinghEXTCEpic Research, Indore2019
Unmesh Shailendra KadamInformation TechnologyEpic Research, Indore2019
Piyush S ParabInformation TechnologyEpic Research, Indore2019
Azhar A ChouguleInformation TechnologyEpic Research, Indore2019
Ekanath S SawantInformation TechnologyEpic Research, Indore2019
Sayali M GuneMCAEpic Research, Indore2019
Vrushabh Ramesh GadeMechanicalEpic Research, Indore2019
Rushikesh S. MahadikMechanicalEpic Research, Indore2019
Shubham S PawarMechanicalEpic Research, Indore2019
Shubham B ChavanMechanicalEpic Research, Indore2019
Piyush Pramod ChouhanMechanicalEpic Research, Indore2019
Dnyaneshwar N SudkeMechanicalEpic Research, Indore2019
Sahil S SawantMechanicalEpic Research, Indore2019
Prathamesh P BholeMechanicalEpic Research, Indore2019
Harshada A GawadeMechanicalEpic Research, Indore2019
Siddhesh S GawadeMechanicalEpic Research, Indore2019
Tejas S KaleMechanicalEpic Research, Indore2019
Yusuf A ChougleMechanicalEpic Research, Indore2019
Gaurav S KadamMechanicalEpic Research, Indore2019
Riyaj M BannikopMechanicalEpic Research, Indore2019
Shridhan S PanchalMechanicalEpic Research, Indore2019
Rushikesh G DaleMechanicalEpic Research, Indore2019
VikrantElectricalQuality Kiosk2018
Krutuja BhadaleElectricalCanon2018
Ashish SomanElectricalTechius2018
Pankaj Shantaram DateChemicalBalaji Amines2018
Akshay Yashwant KulkarniChemicalBalaji Amines2018
Rameeza LambeyInformation TechnologyJocata2019
UrviInformation TechnologyJocata2019
RafidInformation TechnologyJocata2019
Azhar A ChouguleInformation TechnologyJocata2019
AnkitaInformation TechnologyJocata2019
ShalakaInformation TechnologyJocata2019
ShrutiInformation TechnologyJocata2019
AditiInformation TechnologyJocata2019
Aniket MaratheMCAJocata2019
Shifa KaziInformation TechnologyJocata2018
Shaibaz MullaInformation TechnologyJocata2018
Mohammadaffan WastaMechanicalRivigo2018
Kaustubh AgasheMechanicalRivigo2018
Aniket AbhyankarMechanicalRivigo2018
Mangesh DudhareMechanicalRivigo2018
Vinayak ParabMechanicalRivigo2018
Nihal NhivekarMechanicalRivigo2018
Shubham MhetreMechanicalRivigo2018
Amol ChavanMechanicalRivigo2018
Omkar SawantElectricalRivigo2018
Siddhesh ManerikarMechanicalRivigo2018
Divya PawarETRXRivigo2018
Harshal NarvankarMechanicalRivigo2018
Shubham VaidyaElectricalRivigo2018
Yogesh DangeMechanicalRivigo2018
Prathamesh KhakeMechanicalRivigo2018
Suresh ChavhanMechanicalRivigo2018
Aniruddha GuravMechanicalRivigo2018
Saurabh DalviMechanicalRivigo2018
Prathamesh GosaviMechanicalMarine Electrical Goa2018
Vinayak KokateMechanicalMarine Electrical Goa2018
Advait HalbeElectricalTCS2019
Urvi PokarInformation TechnologyTCS2019
Azhar ChouguleInformation TechnologyTCS2019
Usma VastaEXTCTCS2019
Zaki BhatkarInformation TechnologyTCS2019
Renuka SawantEXTCTCS2019
Sayali PrabhuInformation TechnologyRK Infosytem2019
Hermab KadamInformation TechnologyRK Infosytem2019
Rahul ShitapETRXAjinkya Electronics2018
Piyush ParabInformation TechnologyActy2019
Harshad MestryInformation TechnologyActy2019
Dinkar SanapETRXCoputronics2018
Sandesh Rajan SalviETRXCoputronics2018
Nagesh Vilas KarambelkarETRXCoputronics2018
Prasad Shivaji KambleETRXCoputronics2018
Shubham BhatalekarETRXCoputronics2018
Tushar Dattaram MoryeETRXCoputronics2018
Sushant DabhilkarMechanicalTechnolink2018
Shruti KarkareEXTCWipro2018
Suyash SurveInformation TechnologyTrigent2018
Aishwarya AberkarElectricalTerran Engineering Solutions2019
Divya JagtapElectricalTerran Engineering Solutions2019
Arti RodeEXTCTerran Engineering Solutions2019
Ankoo Ghosh.EXTCTerran Engineering Solutions2019
Rameeza LambeyInformation TechnologyRSL2019
Rafid MhaskarInformation TechnologyRSL2019
Omkar SutarMechanicalTVS Logistics2018
Sanket SakpalMechanicalTVS Logistics2018
Aditi GhuleInformation TechnologyLTI2019
Pranav BhaveInformation TechnologyLTI2019
Shalaka GhanekarInformation TechnologyLTI2019
Pranajli ShitapInformation TechnologyLTI2019
Piyush ParabInformation TechnologyLTI2019
Saurabh DandekarEXTCLTI2019
Mayur PatilChemicalVinati Organics Ltd.2018
Pranil PatilChemicalVinati Organics Ltd.2018
Chirag ShahChemicalBPCL2018
Priyanka BhandurgeChemicalMaharashtra Polytechnique2018
Prajakta MahadikChemicalMaharashtra Polytechnique2018
Devesh RawoolInformation TechnologySII Technologies Pvt. Ltd.2018
Saloni BhurakeElectricalWipro2019
Rameeza LambeyInformation TechnologyWipro2019
Shubham PawarMechanicalTerran Engineering Solutions2019
Yogita SawantMechanicalTerran Engineering Solutions2019
Prathamesh Prakash SinkarETRXHengTong2019
Mandar Suresh AmbrushkarElectricalHengTong2019
Harshada Nagesh ParabETRXHengTong2019
Ishan Iqbal HodekarETRXHengTong2019
Saurabh Sanjeev DandekarEXTCHengTong2019
Sarmad Allauddin TawsalkarEXTCHengTong2019
Nitish Hindirao PatilElectricalHengTong2019
Ashish Vitthal MaliElectricalHengTong2019
Nitesh Nandakumar RaneEXTCHengTong2019
Tazim Karim MadreETRXHengTong2019
Viraj Nitin BoleElectricalHengTong2019
Sahil Rajendra PawarElectricalHengTong2019
Mayur Manoj TalyeElectricalHengTong2019
Suyash Santosh SuvareETRXHengTong2019
Shubham PalkarElectricalShree Transformers2018
Hrishi JhaMechanicalCruise2019
Yusuf A ChougleMechanicalOzone2019
Cinmay PadageMechanicalBuroHappold2019
MugdhaMechanicalBonafide Consultant2019
SharvariMechanicalBonafide Consultant2019
MadhugandhaMechanicalRMS Consultant2019
Siddhesh GawadeMechanicalRallies2019
Pranav BhaveInformation TechnologyDemandFarm2019
Saurabh DandekarEXTCWipro2019
Tejas S KaleMechanicalRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Muniza FondooEXTCRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Munazza ZariEXTCRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Harshada ParabEXTCRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Seeba BhatkarEXTCRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Shivani PavaskarElectricalRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Harshada KarmalkarElectricalRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Vaibhav ShetakarElectricalRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Prajakta MantonadkarChemicalRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Yusuf A ChougleMechanicalRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Shunham NaikElectricalRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Chaudhari TariqueMechanicalRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Manish ApteElectricalRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Priyanka KokajeEXTCRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Deepesh KorgaonkarElectricalRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Parmar RakeshMechanicalRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Mahadev GawadeMechanicalRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Siddhesh GawadeMechanicalRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Swaplin SanamElectricalRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Karalkar KhushabooMechanicalRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Sayali KumbharElectricalRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Jha HrishikeshMechanicalRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Viraj BoleElectricalRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Shreeraj ThoratMechanicalRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Shridhar ZambareMechanicalRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Akshay NaiknawareElectricalRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Sridhan PanchalMechanicalRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Sharvari KalambatInformation TechnologyRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Meghraj JahagirdarChemicalRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Prasil KambliMechanicalRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Omkar PatilElectricalRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Afshin MhateElectricalRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Vikram KadamMechanicalRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Pranav MandavkarMechanicalRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Dhabholkar VasantMechanicalRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Omkar PolMechanicalRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Sneha PawarElectricalRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Gautami PangamElectricalRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Rupesh RautMechanicalRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Viraj BridElectricalRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Sumit JankarElectricalRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Vaibhav MoreElectricalRipples Advisory Pvt. Ltd.2019
Pranav BhaveInformation TechnologyWipro2019
Piyush ParabInformation TechnologyWipro2019
Agashe KaustubhMechanicalTata Technologies2018
Gurav PiyushMechanicalTata Technologies2018
Kale BhushanMechanicalTata Technologies2018
Nhivekar NihalMechanicalTata Technologies2018
Sakpal SiddheshMechanicalTata Technologies2018
Mhadgut ShubhamMechanicalTata Technologies2018
Khake PrathameshMechanicalTata Technologies2018
Riyaj M BannikopMechanicalBluestar Vendor2019
Mahadev GawadeMechanicalBluestar Vendor2019
Rashmi BhosaleInformation TechnologyNucsoft2019
Ekanath S SawantInformation TechnologyPleximus2019
Siddhesh SalaviInformation TechnologyPleximus2019
Nikhil WaghelaChemicalTilottama Enterprises2019
Mandar HatteChemicalNicomet Goa2018
NajimChemicalNicomet Goa2018
Mitali HulbatteEXTCQ Spiders2019
Muniza FondooEXTCQ Spiders2019
Apurva SalunkeInformation TechnologyQ Spiders2019
Pooja KaranjavkarInformation TechnologyQ Spiders2019
Aishwarya SurveInformation TechnologyQ Spiders2019
Neha SalviEXTCQ Spiders2019
Sharvari DesaiInformation TechnologyQ Spiders2019
Saloni BhurkeElectricalQ Spiders2019
unmesh kadamInformation TechnologyQ Spiders2019
Suraj SawantEXTCQ Spiders2019
Shriya GokhaleEXTCQ Spiders2019
Priyanka KokajeEXTCCMS IT Services Pune2019
Mugdha KaleEXTCCMS IT Services Pune2019
Hardhada ParabEXTCCMS IT Services Pune2019
Sayali SawantEXTCCMS IT Services Pune2019
Seeba BhatkarEXTCCMS IT Services Pune2019
Irfaf BhatkarEXTCCMS IT Services Pune2019
Nitesh RaneEXTCCMS IT Services Pune2019
Omkar MaliEXTCCMS IT Services Pune2019
Prathamesh ShelarEXTCCMS IT Services Pune2019
Suraj SawantEXTCCMS IT Services Pune2019
Azmi MuddasirETRXCMS IT Services Pune2019
Sinkar PrathameshETRXCMS IT Services Pune2019
Shubham BijagarkarETRXCMS IT Services Pune2019
Aushotosh DalviETRXCMS IT Services Pune2019
Kislay SinghEXTCCMS IT Services Pune2019
Omkar TaraveEXTCCMS IT Services Pune2019
Mayuresh SalunkheEXTCCMS IT Services Pune2019
Maheshwar SudkeMechanicalDivgi TraqTransfer Systems2019
Vikram KadamMechanicalDivgi TraqTransfer Systems2019
Unmesh kadamInformation TechnologyByjus2019
Akshata KeerMCAPleximus2019
Amol KambleMCAPleximus2019
Aditya NevrekarMCAPleximus2019
Passout Batch
Drive Type
Shreeja SurveITBhilwara Info Technologies Lts.2018Pool Campus
Sanket KambleMCACMS IT Services2018Campus
Vishwa MehtaITBhilwara Info Technologies Lts.2018Pool Campus
Eifa SolkarElectronicsBhilwara Info Technologies Lts.2018Pool Campus
Yashashree TulaskarElectronicsBhilwara Info Technologies Lts.2018Pool Campus
Somaiya KhanElectronicsBhilwara Info Technologies Lts.2018Pool Campus
Prasad KulkarniElectricalJumbo Exports2017Campus
Prerana PatilElectricalJumbo Exports2017Campus
Akshay KamatekarMechanicalJumbo Exports2017Campus
Prathamesh TendolkarEXTCMeritrac2017Campus
Suraj KadamEXTCMeritrac2017Campus
Mayur NaikEXTCMeritrac2017Campus
Shubham MorbaleEXTCCME Electromech2017Campus
Vijay PatilEXTCCME Electromech2017Campus
Prathamesh TendolkarEXTCCME Electromech2017Campus
Akshay AdarkarElectronicsCME Electromech2017Campus
Ruchika SalviElectronicsCME Electromech2017Campus
Dhiraj KadamElectronicsCME Electromech2017Campus
Shubhamkumar SinghElectronicsCME Electromech2017Campus
Suraj KadamElectronicsCME Electromech2017Campus
Saniya MurtuzaEXTCCME Electromech2017Campus
Amruta SatputeEXTCCME Electromech2017Campus
Prasiddhi PathareEXTCCME Electromech2017Campus
Renuka ParsekarEXTCCME Electromech2017Campus
Zoheb FonduITQuinnox2017Campus
Sneha VishwakarmaITQuinnox2017Campus
Suyash ZhagadeMechanicalDexcel Plast2017Campus
Pranav TeliMechanicalDexcel Plast2017Campus
Aniket SvareMechanicalDexcel Plast2017Campus
Vinayak TamhankarMechanicalDexcel Plast2017Campus
Mazeen ShahElectricalMarineElectricals2017Campus
Chinmay SurveElectricalMarineElectricals2017Campus
Faraz LambeElectricalMarineElectricals2017Campus
Saurabh KatadateElectricalMarineElectricals2017Campus
Prathamesh RasalElectricalMarineElectricals2017Campus
Vishnu ShibuElectricalEVIO Pvt. Ltd.2017Campus
Sushmeet JadhavElectronicsDignostix Computer Clinic Pvt. Ltd.2017Campus
Amol AvereElectronicsPC Solutions Pvt. Ltd2017Campus
DavidElectricalNicomet Goa2017Campus
Saurabh KatdareElectricalNicomet Goa2017Campus
Milind RaykarChemicalFinolex Industries Ltd. Ratnagiri2017Campus
Jatin ShetyeElectricalFinolex Industries Ltd. Ratnagiri2016Campus
Mazeen ShahElectricalKonkan Railway2017Walkin
Romit KulkarniChemicalFinolex Industries Ltd. Ratnagiri2017Campus
Priyanka KarekarITAmazon2017Campus
Riddhi ShitoleMechanicalAmazon2017Campus
Urmila TalvanekarElectronicsAmazon2017Campus
Sayali PalandeEXTCAmazon2017Campus
Saniya MurtuzaEXTCAmazon2017Campus
Sagar SakpalElectronicsPari Robotics2017Off Campus
Shashank AmbekarITMind Tree2017Off Campus
Sunil KavathkarElectricalUltra Tech2017Campus
Ruhi AmbelkarEXTCCMS IT Services2018Campus
Ankush SutarEXTCCMS IT Services2018Campus
Tejas Satish LingayEXTCCMS IT Services2018Campus
Deepak DhuriEXTCCMS IT Services2018Campus
Yash JoshiEXTCCMS IT Services2018Campus
Mayuresh SurveMCACMS IT Services2018Campus
Snehal TambeEXTCCMS IT Services2018Campus
Smita KhatuEXTCCMS IT Services2018Campus
Sneha ChavanEXTCCMS IT Services2018Campus
Nikita OgaleEXTCCMS IT Services2018Campus
Shruti KarkareEXTCCMS IT Services2018Campus
Sachin DevalekarEXTCCMS IT Services2018Campus
Siddhesh AdivarekarEXTCCMS IT Services2018Campus
Harshal BhagwatEXTCCMS IT Services2018Campus
Omkar KilledarEXTCCMS IT Services2018Campus
Shubham JawkarEXTCCMS IT Services2018Campus
Anil JangaleEXTCCMS IT Services2018Campus
Rajan SawantEXTCCMS IT Services2018Campus
Tukaram KocharekarEXTCCMS IT Services2018Campus
Rahul BhalekarEXTCCMS IT Services2018Campus
Shubham KatkarEXTCCMS IT Services2018Campus
Abhijeet GothankarEXTCCMS IT Services2018Campus
Varad JoshiEXTCCMS IT Services2018Campus
omkar SukaleEXTCCMS IT Services2018Campus
Ashay HorambeEXTCCMS IT Services2018Campus
Roshan SawantEXTCCMS IT Services2018Campus
Prathmesh Swant desaiEXTCCMS IT Services2018Campus
Sagar JadhavElectronicsCMS IT Services2018Campus
Shubham BhatlekarElectronicsCMS IT Services2018Campus
Chaitanya SalviElectronicsCMS IT Services2018Campus
Pratiksha JadhavElectronicsCMS IT Services2018Campus
Swapnil KumbharElectronicsCMS IT Services2018Campus
Om PathareElectronicsCMS IT Services2018Campus
Asif PanjriElectronicsCMS IT Services2018Campus
Vivek SurveElectronicsCMS IT Services2018Campus
Mahesh PilankarElectronicsCMS IT Services2018Campus
Rahul ShitapElectronicsCMS IT Services2018Campus
Keer TejElectronicsCMS IT Services2018Campus
Nagesh KarambelkarElectronicsCMS IT Services2018Campus
Munaf KapadiB.E ITCMS IT Services2018Campus
Rohan NarvekarB.E ITCMS IT Services2018Campus
Danish BorkarB.E ITCMS IT Services2018Campus
Sanyoti DevrukhakarB.E ITCMS IT Services2018Campus
Tejas MahadikMCACMS IT Services2018Campus
Vinita M. RawoolMCACMS IT Services2018Campus
Shubham PandharpoteITMake Mi Holidays2018Campus
Vihar MehtaITMake Mi Holidays2018Campus
Niha DingankarMCAMake Mi Holidays2018Campus
Madhura PillaiMCAMake Mi Holidays2018Campus
Snehal BhondeMCAMake Mi Holidays2018Campus
Sneha ChandiwadeMCAMake Mi Holidays2018Campus
Mayuresh SurveMCAMake Mi Holidays2018Campus
Harshad SalviMCAMake Mi Holidays2018Campus
Tendolkar SharvariITMake Mi Holidays2018Campus
Pranita PhasaleElectricalHindustan Unilever2017Off Campus
Akhilesh VinchuMechanicalDexcel Plast2017Off Campus
Ceyona D'souzaITSyntel2017Campus
Razin HodekarMechanicalVoltas2018Campus
Kunal KoliMechanicalAirvision Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai2018Campus
Ashish SawantMechanicalAirvision Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai2018Campus
Gaurav AeerMechanicalHospitality Pvt. Ltd.2018Campus
Rajat PowadeMechanicalHospitality Pvt. Ltd.2018Campus
Ashish SawantMechanicalSpectrum Technology Thane2018Campus
Nitin PatilMechanicalSpectrum Technology Thane2018Campus
Prashant LadMechanicalFablab Thane2018Campus
Yash MahindreMechanicalFablab Thane2018Campus
Rutuja RawanangMechanicalSARA HVAC Ltd.2018Campus
Rupam DeshmukhMechanicalExpert AC Private Ltd.2018Campus
Prathamesh KoyandeMechanicalOzone HVAC Pvt. Ltd.2018Campus
Shankar ChavanMechanicalOzone HVAC Pvt. Ltd.2018Campus
Sagar MashramMechanicalQH Talbros Shirwal2017Campus
Sagar RautMechanicalQH Talbros Shirwal2017Campus
Shrungari SamantEXTCAccenture Mumbai2017Walkin
Ganesh SutarMechanicalTechflow Mumbai2017Campus
Vaibhav HolkarMechanicalVenketesh Automobiles Chakan2017Campus
Suresh JangaleMechanicalVenketesh Automobiles Chakan2017Campus
Abhishek ParkarEXTCTech Audio Systems2017Campus
Akshay NawalgariaEXTCTech Audio Systems2017Campus
Sakshi DegvekarMechanicalFlex2017Campus
Kashmira KatalkarMechanicalFlex2017Campus
Swarada SatayeMechanicalFlex2017Campus
Sangram GuravChemicalNicomet Goa2017Campus
Prajyot ChavanChemicalNicomet Goa2017Campus
Pankaj ChavanChemicalNicomet Goa2017Campus
Pranay PatilChemicalCipla2017Campus
Sahil PhondekarElectricalAsahi Glass2018Campus
Makarand LokhandeChemicalPidilite2017Campus
Ketaki ShindeEXTCAmazon2018Campus
Smita KhatuEXTCAmazon2018Campus
Neha GavadeEXTCGlobenet Solutions2018Campus
Samiksha KolaputeETRXGlobenet Solutions2018Campus
Yashashree TulaskarETRXGlobenet Solutions2018Campus
Prjakta ThakurEXTCGlobenet Solutions2018Campus
Snehal TambeEXTCGlobenet Solutions2018Campus
Fiza NajuITGlobenet Solutions2018Campus
Shubham PandharpoteITGlobenet Solutions2018Campus
Suyesh SurveITGlobenet Solutions2018Campus
Devesh RawoolITGlobenet Solutions2018Campus
Rahul ShitapETRXGlobenet Solutions2018Campus
Akshay SalgaonkarETRXGlobenet Solutions2018Campus
Chaitanya SalviETRXGlobenet Solutions2018Campus
Shubham BhatlekarETRXGlobenet Solutions2018Campus
Sanket DandekarETRXGlobenet Solutions2018Campus
Ruhi AmbelkarEXTCGlobenet Solutions2018Campus
Pooja VarekarEXTCGlobenet Solutions2018Campus
Savita SurveEXTCGlobenet Solutions2018Campus
Pragati RamaneEXTCGlobenet Solutions2018Campus
Tejas LingayatEXTCGlobenet Solutions2018Campus
Aakshay HorambeEXTCGlobenet Solutions2018Campus
Rajan SawantEXTCGlobenet Solutions2018Campus
Abhijeet KumarChemicalP J Healthcare Daman2017Off Campus
Chinmay NadkarniETRXFinolex Cable Goa2017Campus
Pratik PalavMCAVyom Labs2018Campus
Nikita RodeITRAA Technocrats Mumbai2018Off Campus
Arusa MukadamITVyom Labs2018Campus
Ajay SawantMCAKrish Mark Infotech2018Campus
Bhiva MalkarMechanicalBurohappold2017Campus
Shreeja SurveITMphasis2018Campus
Dhiren PatilElectricalMphasis2018Campus
Pranav TeliMechanicalTCS2017Off Campus
Vinayak TamhankarMechanicalTCS2017Off Campus
Shubham ParabMCAPraeeo2018Off Campus
Ketan AyareMCAJay Infotech Solutions2018Off Campus
Sneha ShivalkarMCASeed Infotech Mumbai2018Campus
Gousiya KhancheMCASeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Ankur S ShivalkarMCASeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Anuja P ShindeMCASeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Madhura PillaiMCASeed Infotech Mumbai2018Campus
Abhijeet NakhrekarElectronicsSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Siddhesh HaldavnekarElectronicsSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Akshay B JadhavElectronicsSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Asmita H ShejwalElectronicsSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Shruti KarkareElectronicsSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Sachin DevalekarElectronicsSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Sayali GujarElectronicsSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Swapnatej PawarElectronicsSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Ibadullah FakiriElectronicsSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Reshma MukadamElectronicsSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Sanket DandekarElectronicsSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Pallavi DongareElectronicsSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Shubham BhatlekarElectronicsSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Madhurita KharatElectronicsSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Divya pawarElectronicsSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Omkar RahateElectronicsSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Nikita BhosaleElectronicsSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Campus
Vivek SurveElectronicsSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Siddhesh AdivarekarEXTCSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Ruhi AmbelkarEXTCSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Tejas ChaughuleEXTCSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Savita SurveEXTCSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
sagar jadhavEXTCSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Vaibhav ArdeEXTCSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Sumaiya Asif KhanEXTCSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Harshal Vinayak BhagwatEXTCSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Divya R SonarEXTCSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Sanap DinkarEXTCSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Shitap RahulEXTCSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Kaustubh AkhadeEXTCSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Tukaram KochekarEXTCSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Campus
Nikita OgaleEXTCSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Vishaka SawantEXTCSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Parinita HadkarEXTCSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Abhijeet GothankarEXTCSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Chaitanya SalviEXTCSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Ankita BhurkeITSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Fiza Iqbal HajuITSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Hemanshu D GhadigaonkarITSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Faeheen Muneer MirkarITSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
sharvari N tendolkarITSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Devesh VrawoolITSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Sonal KhambeITSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Nikita RodeITSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Sayali S ManjarekarITSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Shubham PandhapoteITSeed Infotech Mumbai2018Training cum Recruitment
Pranita Sudhir ThasaleElectricalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2017NEEM Campus
Prasad Sanjay KulkarniElectricalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2017NEEM Campus
PRATIK PRAMOD HATISKARElectricalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2017NEEM Campus
Prerana Raosaheb patilElectricalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2017NEEM Campus
Rohit Ravindra MengeElectricalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2017NEEM Campus
Saurabh Sanjay MahaddalkarElectricalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2017NEEM Campus
Veena PatankarElectricalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2017NEEM Campus
Omkar DesaiElectricalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2017NEEM Campus
Prathamesh SawantElectricalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2017NEEM Campus
Akhilesh Prakash VinchuMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2017NEEM Campus
Akshay arun KamatekarMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2017NEEM Campus
Aniket purushottam AbhyankarMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2017NEEM Campus
Dhawade Tanvi SubhashMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2017NEEM Campus
KAUSTUBH DATTARAM PADYARMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2017NEEM Campus
Kaustubh SatheMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2017NEEM Campus
Saurabh Dattaram GhadshiMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2017NEEM Campus
Shantanu Bharat ShirgaonkarMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2017NEEM Campus
faizan fakirmohammed kaziMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2017NEEM Campus
Divya PawarElectronicsQspiders2018Free Training and Placement
Parinita HadkarEXTCQspiders2018Free Training and Placement
Shruti Vijay KarkareEXTCQspiders2018Free Training and Placement
Ruhi Ramakant AmbelkarEXTCQspiders2018Free Training and Placement
Prajakta ThakurEXTCQspiders2018Free Training and Placement
Rakshanda ParadkarITQspiders2018Free Training and Placement
Kshitij Sanjay BhosaleMechanicalQspiders2018Free Training and Placement
Priyanka NaikMechanicalQspiders2018Free Training and Placement
Vinayak ParabMechanicalQspiders2018Free Training and Placement
Shubham MhadgutMechanicalQspiders2018Free Training and Placement
Aaquib Akbar KaziMechanicalQspiders2018Free Training and Placement
Suraj Sunil MestriElectricalQspiders2018Free Training and Placement
Vikrant ZoreElectricalQspiders2018Free Training and Placement
Gilman KotawadekarElectricalQspiders2018Free Training and Placement
Juili Kishor BhadkamkarElectricalQspiders2018Free Training and Placement
Salman L. NadafElectricalQspiders2018Free Training and Placement
Rajrajeshwari L. VhanabatteElectricalQspiders2018Free Training and Placement
Krutuja BhadaleElectricalQspiders2018Free Training and Placement
Mandar KhanolkarElectricalQspiders2018Free Training and Placement
Pratik GawadeElectricalQspiders2018Free Training and Placement
Rohit PatilElectricalQspiders2018Free Training and Placement
Ashish SomanElectricalQspiders2018Free Training and Placement
Minal Manohar PatilElectricalQspiders2018Free Training and Placement
Shubham KeerElectricalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Swanand LoharElectricalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Gunjan GadekarElectricalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Tejal ChavanElectricalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Ruchira NagvekarElectricalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Krutuja BhadaleElectricalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Surabhi PawarElectricalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Juili Kishor BhadkamkarElectricalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Sayali NagaleElectricalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Rajrajeshwari L. VhanabatteElectricalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Tanuja PatilElectricalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Apurva GawadeElectricalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Aniket GhodakeElectricalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Shubham PalkarElectricalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
PrathameshShitutElectricalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Anish kolekarElectricalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Aniket SurveElectricalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Ashish SomanElectricalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Dhiren PatilElectricalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Shubham VaidyaElectricalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Vaibhav HaldawanekarElectricalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Amit YadavElectricalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Suraj GoreElectricalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Vikrant ZoreElectricalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Tanmay poreElectricalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Pratik gawadeElectricalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Vina MathakrElectricalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Rajan SawantEXTCYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Parth PadhyeEXTCYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Ibadullah FakiriEXTCYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Sayali GujarEXTCYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Akshay HorambeEXTCYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Omkar sukaleEXTCYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Sachin DevalekarEXTCYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Siddhesh AdivrekarEXTCYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Arati GawasEXTCYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Siddhita kadamEXTCYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Simran SatputeEXTCYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Suvarna PrabhukumatkarEXTCYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Manali MadkaikarEXTCYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Parinita HadkarEXTCYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Nikita OgaleEXTCYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Vishakha SawantEXTCYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Shruti karkareEXTCYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Pllavi DongareEXTCYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Smruti NagavekarElectronicsYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Shreya NaikElectronicsYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Shruti MayekarElectronicsYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Pooja NaikElectronicsYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Bhakti PawaskarElectronicsYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Pratiksha JadhavElectronicsYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Divya PawarElectronicsYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Reshma MukadamElectronicsYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Sumaiyya KhanElectronicsYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Nikita BhosaleElectronicsYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Samiksha KolaputeElectronicsYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Punita JadhavElectronicsYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Karishma KirdavkarElectronicsYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
sagar JadhavElectronicsYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Chaitanya salviElectronicsYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Shubham BhatekarElectronicsYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Rahul ShitapElectronicsYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Kshitij Sanjay BhosaleMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Sanket KeerMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Aniket KadamMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Sanket NimbalkarMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Prathmesh GosaviMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Akshay SurveMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Rushikesh KaleMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Snehal JadhavMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Amey JoshiMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Mangesh PalekarMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Shubham MhetreMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Shubham ChavanMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Abhishek ChouguleMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Aaquib KaziMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Sanket GawadeMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Kaustubh AgasheMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Mandar BhideMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Bhushan KaleMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Madhuri ArjunMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Nihal NhivekarMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Siddesh ManerikarMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Vinayak ParabMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
sairaj KoltharkarMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
sanket SurveMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Sanket SolimMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Rutuja RawanangMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Mithila ShelarMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Gayatri SheteMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Nikhil PatilMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Kunal KarambeleMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Gaurav keerMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Pushkar ChitaleMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Abhishek VardamMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Roshan MayekarMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Vaibhav ZoreMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Kasturi ShigwanMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Sayali DarekarMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Jeet UpalekarMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Amol ChavanMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Ranjeet KadamMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Mohini KageMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Piyush GhuravMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Tejal BandelkarMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Shubham MhadgutMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Keyur PatilMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Sneha BhosaleMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Rohan GamareMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Prathamesh KhakeMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Vinayak KokateMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Siddhesh SakpalMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Vishal KadamMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Rushabh RawoolMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Vaibhav ShelakeMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Omkar SutarMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Nitin PatilMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Omkar NaikMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Yash MahindreMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Mohammad VastaMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Ashutosh RaneMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Sunil YadavMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Abhishek JoshiMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Mangesh DudhareMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Suresh ChavanMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Saurabh DalaviMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Yogesh DangeMechanicalYashaswi Group Pune NEEM Scheme2018NEEM Campus
Company name
Sakhat Bhavin Rajubhai SheelabenChemicalAarti drugs limited
Bidye Sujata Prashant PoojaChemicalAdmat Innovations
Kaledhonakar Hemant ChintamaniChemicalD R Coats Inks and Resins Pvt Ltd.
Naikodi Sarbanna Mariappa HanumantiChemicalGharda Chemicals Ltd
Khan Muhammad Sms ShireenChemicalHaptik Infotech
Khandare Rakesh Vishnu SangeetaChemicalHindustan Organic Chemicals Limited
Kothari Soham Dilip AnjaliChemicalIdeal Chemi Plast pvt ltd.
Pisharody Suraj MadhusoodananChemicalKim Chemicals
Patel Akshay Milind MithilaChemicalKim chemicals Pvt ltd
Powale Vaibhavi Bhaskar VaishaliChemicalPax chem
Kulkarni Rutwij Ashutosh SharwariChemicalPhaex Polymers Pvt. Ltd
Sujan GhadiChemicalPrivi Organics Ltd.
Salvi Paresh Shrikant SupriyaChemicalSavita polymer Ltd, Mahad
Bade Shrikant Mahadeo SubhadraChemicalShrivardhan katta
Pooja BhatkarChemicalVAV life sciences
Preeti PatilChemicalVAV life sciences
Pooja PatilChemicalVAV life sciences
Khan Amir SharafatElectricalAl-Nahdah Al-Omaniah, Oman
Parakar Akshay AshokElectricalCIMECHEL ELECT CO.
Ganesh PetheElectricalDexcel Plast
Kiran MoreElectricalDexcel Plast
Parag ManerkarElectricalGarware Bestretch
Ganesh PetheElectricalGarware Bestretch
Malviya Pravin ShivlalElectricalHitek Engineering Services
Inamdar Sudhendu PradeepElectricalIcici prudential life insurance co. Ltd.
Joshi Shruti ShashikantElectricalJOSHI ASSOCIATES ,KOLHAPUR
Mali Nitin RavindraElectricalMitsubishi Elevator and Escalator India pvt limited
Nitin MaliElectricalMitsubishi elevators
Panchal Harshada DilipElectricalMSEB , RATNAGIRI
Vivek SohaniElectricalNicomet
Kerkar Dnyaneshwar KantaElectricalsamant power electrical
Patil Sachin DnyaneshwarElectricalSunelec
Mansi SurveElectricalTCS
Khade Ketan VishnuElectronicsAPPLIED TECHNOSYSTEM
Pawar Harshad SanjauElectronicsFlextronics, Pune
Komal RawoolElectronicsOriented Technology
Amit Ashok AwaleElectronicsRosenberger
Masurkar Prashant LaxmanElectronicsS N Telecom
Deepak Lalit OswalElectronicsTATA Interactive Systems
Sujit Chandrakant MoreElectronicsWipro
Mohd Asad KhanElectronicsZEC
Pallavi DhamapurkarEXTCTech Mahindra
Salvi Sumedh SuhasITFirestar International Pvt. Ltd.
Majgaonkar Mohammad Abid IbrahimITIBM GBS
Takkekar Nikita Nagendra SunitaITSeed InfoTech
Shinde Sayali MarutiITViumma technologies
Priyanka DhulapMCAAbacus Pvt. Ltd.
Omkar PanditMCAAloha Technology
Anju KinalekarMCAEverymedia Computers Pvt. Ltd.
Gaurav GuravMCAGenxsys
Alankar DhatkarMCAGenxsys
Suraj SawantMCAKennovation Pvt. Ltd.
Vaibhav JadhavMCAOxford Global
Mandar MaratheMCAPersistence
Praneel JadhavMCAXtremSoft
Abhishek ShetyeMCAWipro Infotech
Rahul NaikMCASunbeam Infocom Pvt. Ltd.
Manali PatkarMechanicalAutomotive Pvt Ltd
Sairaj LanjekarMechanicalChowghule Shipyard
Sairaj LanjekarMechanicalDexcel Plast
Anay KulkarniMechanicalDexcel Plast
Haresh KasaleMechanicalDexcel Plast
Harishikesh KulkarniMechanicalDexcel Plast
Ajinkya BhideMechanicalEmuge india Pvt ltd
Prathama JadhavMechanicalFlextronics ,GOA
Kshitija GhongadiMechanicalFlextronics ,GOA
Pratik BarveMechanicalGeneral Motors
Prafulla NemalekarMechanicalGoa shipyard
Mandar DolMechanicalJBM Group
Raunak PaikhotMechanicalOrnate Solar Pvt. Ltd.
Nikhil SawantMechanicalPrecision Engg
Yogesh ParitMechanicalPrimier transmission
Vishal DesaiMechanicalSandij impact Pvt Ltd
Kiran GawadeMechanicalTATA Power
Digamber SalviMechanicaltrimurti enterprises
Pratik KadamMechanicalUSV pvt Ltd.
Shailesh SutarMechanicalveda engg pvt ltd.
Santosh RoutMechanicalVision Academy
Tejas Indravadan MewadaChemicalAegis
Shruti Ratankumar KeerChemicalAegis
Aqsa Rafik MemonChemicalAegis
Priyanka Shrikant PatilChemicalAegis
Abhijeet KumarChemicalAegis
Babaji Vasant SawantChemicalAegis
Tushar Parshuram NikamChemicalAegis
Hemant KaledohankarChemicalNalco Watet India Ltd.
Makarand LokhandeChemicalPompeii
Shrikant YadavChemicalNicomet
Pratik ShahChemicalNicomet
Omkar BharankarChemicalNicomet
Mayuresh PanjariChemicalNicomet
Aman JethwaChemicalNicomet
Vijay PalsandeChemicalNicomet
Aditya MhamunkarChemicalNicomet
Makarand LokhandeChemicalNicomet
Babaji SawantChemicalNicomet
Sujay KanekarChemicalNicomet
Ruturaj SakpalChemicalNicomet
Swapnil GhawaliChemicalNicomet
Prerna PatilElectricalAegis
Faraz LambeElectricalAegis
Bhanudas DhakaneElectricalPompeii
Sandip SurveElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Renuka ParsekarElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Tejas GaikwadElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
ShahrukhElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Muddassir KaziElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Dnyanesh ChavanElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Vedika ShindeElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Padmashri WalawadeElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Ruchika SalviElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Nikita HavanElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Alisha AmbekarElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Jayshree ShivalkarElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Abhishek TembeElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Aniruddha DongareElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Sanil DongareElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Prasad NaikElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Kiran JambleElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Akshay AdarkarElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Rushikesh WalkeElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Shrutika AyareElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Nikita VedreElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Dnyanesh ChavanElectronicsGlobenet Solutions Mumbai
Muddassir KaziElectronicsGlobenet Solutions Mumbai
Kiran JambleElectronicsGlobenet Solutions Mumbai
Shubham MorbaleElectronicsGlobenet Solutions Mumbai
Rushikesh PatilElectronicsGlobenet Solutions Mumbai
Amol AvereElectronicsGlobenet Solutions Mumbai
Suraj RajmaneElectronicsGlobenet Solutions Mumbai
Yogesh NagvekarElectronicsGlobenet Solutions Mumbai
Sujit GowandElectronicsGlobenet Solutions Mumbai
Sushmeet JadhavElectronicsGlobenet Solutions Mumbai
Sanket PrabhuElectronicsGlobenet Solutions Mumbai
Dhiraj KadamElectronicsGlobenet Solutions Mumbai
Shaibaj MullaElectronicsGlobenet Solutions Mumbai
Akshay MulyeElectronicsGlobenet Solutions Mumbai
Santoshkumar RabadElectronicsGlobenet Solutions Mumbai
Dhiraj KadamElectronicsPompeii
Sandip SurveElectronicsPompeii
Suraj KadamElectronicsPompeii
Sanket Umesh PrabhuElectronicsAegis
Kiran Sudhakar JambhaleElectronicsAegis
Ankita KopreElectronicsCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Shubham Maruti MorbaleEXTCAegis
Bhakti Ramdas MasurkarEXTCAegis
Swapna Suresh PawarEXTCAegis
Aishwarya Kishore MokasheEXTCAegis
Rushikesh Shivaji PatilEXTCAegis
Rina Rajan DesaiEXTCAegis
Sanchit Nandkishor RautEXTCAegis
Kashmira PokaleEXTCAegis
Padmashri WalawadeEXTCAegis
Suraj KadamEXTCCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Suffiyan SolekarEXTCCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Rohit VaraleEXTCCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Parag RasalEXTCCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Rahul ShelkeEXTCCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Dhiraj SonkambleEXTCCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Sayali BhosaleEXTCCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Sayali PalandeEXTCCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Vishal ChitaleEXTCCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Sehzin PetkarEXTCCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Shamika SawantEXTCCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Kiran AlimEXTCCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Roshani TambadkarEXTCCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Krupali WandreEXTCCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Rushikesh ShivajiEXTCCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Yugesh NagvekarEXTCCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Ashish MohiteEXTCCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Vijay PatilEXTCCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Seemin MhaskarEXTCCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Pooja BasvankarEXTCCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Neha MaliEXTCCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Kashmira PaokleEXTCCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Shifa KaziEXTCCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Amruta SatputeEXTCCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Sayali TandelEXTCCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Amruta NandanwarEXTCCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Saniya MurtuzaEXTCCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Harihar DongareEXTCCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Prajakta ZadeEXTCCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Akansha ShindeEXTCCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Aishwarya MokasheEXTCCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Vasant TeliEXTCCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Akshay AdarkarEXTCGlobenet Solutions Mumbai
Suraj KadamEXTCGlobenet Solutions Mumbai
Alisha AmbekarEXTCGlobenet Solutions Mumbai
Aakansha ShindeEXTCGlobenet Solutions Mumbai
Shweta WandreEXTCGlobenet Solutions Mumbai
Pratiksha ChavanEXTCGlobenet Solutions Mumbai
Abhishekh ParkarEXTCPompeii
Kavita MishraEXTCPompeii
Prathmesh DhamapurkarEXTCPompeii
Sayali PalandeEXTCPompeii
Shreyas PowaleEXTCPompeii
Vijay PatilEXTCPompeii
Rushikesh PatilEXTCPompeii
Pankaj Rajendra MavalankarITAegis
Sneha Nihutram VishwakarmaITAegis
Priyanka Narayan BhagatITAegis
Jagruti Janardan RaneITAegis
Ceyona Inacio D'SouzaITAegis
Vidhiben Bavanji SherathiaITAegis
Shifa Shakil KaziITAegis
Sagar Prashant WankhedeITAegis
Akshay Prabhuraj MulyeITAegis
Juvil Rupesh PalkarITAegis
Shad Shafi TambuITAegis
Prasad Bhalchandra ShevadeITAegis
Dhanashree RaneITBitwise
Sonal PatadeITBitwise
Subodh KadamITCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Zoheb FonduITCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Shaihbaj MullaITCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Sulabha DavandeITCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
VidhibenITCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Ayesha HatwadkarITCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Vrushali SurveITCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Priyanka BhagatITCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Pratiksha ZoreITCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Shivangi KarnikITCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Juvil PalkarITCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Tasneem BhatkarITCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
AshmitaITCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Pooja PawarITCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Vinay SalviITCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Kalyani BhirjeITCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Jagruti RaneITCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Saurabh KulkarniITCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Sneha VishwakarmaITCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Ceyona D'SouzaITCMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Nikita ShindeITEasy Solutions
Neha ShivalkarITGlobenet Solutions Mumbai
Seemin MhaskarITGlobenet Solutions Mumbai
Sandip SurveITGlobenet Solutions Mumbai
Ravina PatilITKasNet
Divesh PatilITPompeii
Nitesh SatamITPompeii
Shaibaz MullaITPompeii
Vidhiben SherathiaITPompeii
Korgaonkar AishwaryaITSai Info Corp Ltd
Amit PatilITWisdom Sproutes
Sumit GoreITXento Infotech
Tejaswini NateITXento
Juvil PalkarITeClinicalWorks
Shifa KaziITeClinicalWorks
Sagar WankhedeITeClinicalWorks
Sachin MhapankarMCAGadre Infotech
Balkrishna KodeMCAUnited Telecoms Limited
Sachin MhapankarMCAXento
Sagar GaonkarMCANupur Technologies
Riddhi Vilas ShitoleMechanicalAegis
Tanvi Subhash DhawadeMechanicalAegis
Shivraj Sunil BoradeMechanicalAegis
Chinmay Gajanan MusaleMechanicalAegis
Sumit Pralhad KhadeMechanicalAegis
Suhas Suresh DesaiMechanicalAegis
Suyash Sunil ZagadeMechanicalAegis
Vishal Suresh PatilMechanicalAegis
Amol Pralhad BhombeMechanicalAegis
Sagar Ramesh PetakarMechanicalAegis
Sakshi Vishwanath DegvekarMechanicalAegis
Dattaraj RaneMechanicalAegis
Sumit Kashinath AmbreMechanicalAegis
Pravin MahanduleMechanicalJL Engineering
Sarveshkumar PashteMechanicalJL Engineering
Rupesh ChavanMechanicalJL Engineering
Shubham SobhlakarMechanicalJL Engineering
Aditya AkhadeMechanicalJL Engineering
Mohnish RaneMechanicalJL Engineering
Divya ShirdhankarMechanicalJL Engineering
Keyur RegeMechanicalJL Engineering
Shrinath TalashilkarMechanicalJL Engineering
Suhas DesaiMechanicalJL Engineering
Suresh JangaleMechanicalJL Engineering
Saurabh GhadashiMechanicalJL Engineering
Rajat PrabhuMechanicalJL Engineering
Amol BhombeMechanicalJL Engineering
Salman KhanMechanicalJL Engineering
Sashi DagvekarMechanicalJL Engineering
Pruthviraj PhalakeMechanicalJL Engineering
Vishal DeshmukhMechanicalJL Engineering
Chitran SwantMechanicalJL Engineering
Shubham RahateMechanicalJL Engineering
Suyash JagadeMechanicalJL Engineering
Sumit KahdeMechanicalJL Engineering
Shubham DhavaleMechanicalJL Engineering
Amey ThakurdesaiMechanicalJL Engineering
Nikhil KadamMechanicalJL Engineering
Vaibhav HolkarMechanicalJL Engineering
Akshay KadamMechanicalJL Engineering
Avinash GaikwadMechanicalJL Engineering
Prabodhan KadamMechanicalJL Engineering
Pravin MahanduleMechanicalLaxmi Engineers
Keyur RegeMechanicalLaxmi Engineers
Pranav TeliMechanicalLaxmi Engineers
Akshay PatilMechanicalPompeii
Akshay RautMechanicalPompeii
Bhiva MalkarMechanicalPompeii
Chinmay MusaleMechanicalPompeii
Dhiraj KadamMechanicalPompeii
Dighvijay KulkarniMechanicalPompeii
Girish MatkarMechanicalPompeii
Kaustubh SatheMechanicalPompeii
Mayuresh NarvekarMechanicalPompeii
Mohanish RaneMechanicalPompeii
Nakeeb RautMechanicalPompeii
Omkar BhadekarMechanicalPompeii
Pranav TeliMechanicalPompeii
Rajesh TeliMechanicalPompeii
Riddhi ShitoleMechanicalPompeii
Shubham SobalkarMechanicalPompeii
Suhas DesaiMechanicalPompeii
Swapanil KadamMechanicalPompeii
Tanvi DhawadeMechanicalPompeii
Tarang BoradeMechanicalPompeii
Vishal DeshmukhMechanicalPompeii
Tasneem Mohamed Hhanif BhatkarITKonkan Che CEO
Omkar Chandramohan DesaiElectricalKonkan Che CEO
Amruta Rajaram SatputeEXTCKonkan Che CEO
Shifa KaziITKonkan Che CEO
Shweta Satish ChorageElectricalKonkan Che CEO
Ayesha Salauddin HatwadkarITKonkan Che CEO
Snehal Sitaram SawantElectricalKonkan Che CEO
Sayali Suhas PalandeEXTCKonkan Che CEO
Niraj Dattaram KadamMechKonkan Che CEO
Saniya Jahur MurtuzaEXTCKonkan Che CEO
Sehzin Salim PetkarEXTCKonkan Che CEO
Cevona Inacio D'SouzaITKonkan Che CEO
Harshad Vinayak GuravElectronicsL&T Infotech
Preeti Bhimrao BorkarEXTCL&T Infotech
Pranali PadhyeITCitius Tech
Nitish KumarChemicalNocomet
Gaurav BaingChemicalVinati Organics Pvt. Lts.
Prassana KelkarChemicalFinolex Industries Ltd.
Abhinav MayekarChemicalFinolex Industries Ltd.
Sarvesh MukadamChemicalFinolex Industries Ltd.
Amol Anant NimkarMechanicalFinolex Industries Ltd.
Suraj Sudhakar WaraseMechanicalFinolex Industries Ltd.
Manas Dinkar PawarMechanicalFinolex Industries Ltd.
Dhananjay Nandkumar ChavanMechanicalFinolex Industries Ltd.
Shrutisagar Ambarnath PatilMechanicalFinolex Industries Ltd.
Subodh Satyawan BhatkarMechanicalFinolex Industries Ltd.
Tejas Sunil KadamMechanicalFinolex Industries Ltd.
Pradnya PakahreEXTCSyntel
Pooja DeshmaneEXTCSyntel
Priyanka ShindeEXTCSyntel
Sayali BhideMCASyntel
Snehal SawantEXTCL&T Infotech
Sayali SaneEXTCL&T Infotech
Shalini GuptaEXTCL&T Infotech
Sanobar LambeyITL&T Infotech
Prashant KulpeChemicalNerolac
Akshay PalkarElectricalJSW
Amit PawaskarElectricalJSW
Jadhav PranitaMCAGadre Infotech
Amey BapatITGadre Infotech
Aniket VahtaleMCAGadre Infotech
Pratik BarveMechanicalGeneral Morors
Akshata ParabMCAWeaving Manpower Solution Pvt. Ltd.
Gauravi LadMCAAbacus
Abhijeet BaitMCADvimay
Madhura ShendeITInstatech Solutions Pvt Ltd.
Rasika TambitkarITeWebSuite
Vipul MirgalITLionbridge
Mansi SurveElectricalTCS
Mangesh SawantMCAMajesco
Deepti NarvekarMCAAscentrik Research Service
Surekha DesaiMCASavy Software Pvt Ltd
Sagar MalandkarMCAIchor Technology
Kedar KarmarkarMCAPleximus
Heena KhancheMCAZeus Learning Pvt. Ltd.
Trupti MalushteMCAZeus Learning Pvt. Ltd.
Vivek SohaniElectricalNerolac
Siddhesh GuhagarkarMechanicalNerolac
Kashinath MahadwadElectronicsHCL Info Pvt. Ltd
Saurabh ChavandeITIT Firm
Mandar SidhayeMechanicalFlextronics
Prarthana JadhavMechanicalFlextronics
Pratik DixitMechanicalFlextronics
Swarada SatayeMechanicalFlextronics
Kshitija GhongadiMechanicalFlextronics
Nitin MaliElectricalFlextronics
Harshad PawarElectronicsFlextronics

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