Workshop on Embedded C Programming

A Two Days Workshop on

 “Embedded C Programming and Applications Development”

A Two days workshop titled “Embedded C Programming and Applications Development” was organized by the Department of Electronics Engineering on 29th to 30th September, 2018. The workshop was arranged for the students of T. E. and Faculty in Electronics Engineering and conducted by Assistant Professors of Department of Electronics Engineering, FAMT, Ms. Vrishali. V. Nimbalkar and Mr. Amol. R. Sutar.

As per predesigned workshop schedule, on first day, Prof V. V. Nimbalkar explained Embedded Systems, P89V51RD2 microcontroller, Integrated Development Environment (IDE) tools, In-System programming,basics of Embedded C Programming and the microcontroller board. Coding and hands-on session were carried on simultaneously. During the two days hands-on sessions were carried on interfacing and programming the following I/O devices LED’s, switches, switch-led, Buzzer,16×2 character LCD, GPS and GSM module. Accurate delay generation using Timers of 8051, serial communication and interrupts of 8051 were also explained and implemented.

The objective of this workshop was to acquaint the students with Embedded C Programming for 8051 platform, interfacing and programming I/O modules by providing hands-on sessions on Microcontroller based hardware system. I/O modules like GSM and GPS were also interfaced and programmed. It will help the students to develop their own 8951 Microcontroller Based System and write Embedded C program for the desired application. It also will help the students to design and develop their mini-projects, and their final year projects. They will acquire a skill set which is required in industry and designing products on their own.

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