Core Values

Core Values

a) Cherish lasting knowledge, civic and social responsibility, governance and individual and professional development

b) Encourage academic flexibility, knowledge and skills by integrating teaching, research and learning to promote continuous improvement of our educated community

c) Embrace diversity in all of its possibilities recognizing that mutual respect for individuality and the inclusion of all are vital for both personal and institutional success

d) Hold high standards of character and integrity as the foundation upon which the Institution is built and uphold the dignity of each individual by being ethical, humble, unbiased and polite in communications and actions

e) Provide opportunities for all individuals to realize their complete potential

f) Place learner needs at the center of our academic and service planning, policies and programmes

g) Engaged teaching and learning based in dialogue, student involvement and the free exchange of ideas

h) Forward thinking institution that explores creative approaches for the future

Aruna M. Katara
Governing Body

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