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Finolex Academy Library is an ocean of knowledge and it occupies a place of pride in FAMT and is an essential component of the institute’s outstanding education mission. Finolex Academy’s library is need-based, qualitative and has up-to-date collection of books and journals that are catalogued to meet the information needs of students and faculty members. . It is also facilitated with reference services, competative examination section and a Book Bank facility to the students belonging to SC/ST categories. It offers online information retrieval facility through a 100 mbps leased line connection. It provides computerized catalogue search service through OPAC (Online Public Access catalogue), Multimedia Library facility (Ekalavya Self Learning Centre) and E-journals and E-books facility.

Library Resources
The library has developed an excellent collection of books, journals and non-book material in science, engineering, technology, humanities and management.

BooksNumber Of Titles 6751 & Number Of Volumes 34537
Current Subscription To Print Journals53 National Journals
Non-Book Material3835
Bound Volumes Of Journals535
Theses/Project Report1764

The library is kept open throughout the year, except Ist, IIIrd & Vth Saturday, Sundays and public holidays.

Monday To Saturday 9.00 am to 5.15 p.m.

During the examinations – Monday To Saturday 9.00 a.m. to 8.30 p.m.

Seating Arrangement
The reading room and stack room area are placed adjacent to each other so as to facilitate the users, for the use of library material.

Arrangement of Books
Books in the library have been classified according to the Dewey Decimal Classification scheme. There is a partial open access to the books on the shelves. A detailed plan showing the arrangement of books on the shelves in the catalogue marked Subject Index.

Librarian’s Message

Central library provides the resources and study environment needed for teaching-learning community.

It preserves wonderful treasures ranging from Books, Print Journals, Dissertation/Thesis, Newspaper, audio visual material, e-journals, NPTEL Video lectures for its users. Remote access to all e-contents subscribed by Library is provided through internet in Campus.

Library staffs happily assist all users in finding books and journals, searching online resources and accessing other facilities.

I am sure you will consider the Library as an ideal starting point for all your academic endeavours, research activities and personal growth.  

Welcome to library and wish you a happy learning experience.

Mahesh V Bhide



To empower teaching – learning and research with appropriate collection and dissemination of the knowledge.


M1 : To develop state of art library facilities enabling effective dissemination of appropriate knowledge.

M2 : To offer comprehensive online and offline resources and services in support of teaching, learning and research.

M3 : To promote ethical and societal practices among users.

Staff of FAMT Library

Library Staff Members
Sr. No.Name Qualification Designation
1.Mr. Mahesh V. BhideB Sc, M LibLibrarian
2.Mr. Vinay S .KeerB A, M LibAssistant Librarian
3.Mr. Suhas K. RawanangB A, M LibLibrary Attendant
4.Ms. Pratiksha NevarekarLibrary Attendant


Library Resources The library has developed an excellent collection of books, journals and non-book material in science, engineering, technology, humanities and management.

Resources Numbers
Books Number Of Titles 6751 & Number Of Volumes 34537
Current Subscription To Print Journals 53 National Journals
Magazine 15
Non-Book Material 3835
Bound Volumes Of Journals 535
Theses/Project Report 1764


Library Services

Every bonafide student of the college is entitled to become a member of the library. Library reader ticket is issued to every student.


Borrowing of books is allowed only to the registered library members against their membership card. They can borrow books from stack room as per their borrowing privilege. Books from the Reference section are not allowed and must be refereed in the library only.

1) Every regular student of FAMT is allowed to borrow 4 books for the period of 8 days.

2) Every Faculty member of FAMT is allowed to borrow 10 books per Semester

3) Every office staff, non teaching staff & library staff of FAMT is allowed to borrow 05 books per Semester.

4) Reference books, bound volumes of journals, encyclopaedia, Handbooks, Directories, Directories, Atlases, Manuals, standards are not for issue.

5) Facility for Divyang – The divyang students can borrow 4 books at a time for the period of 15 days. Books are provided in class room/laboratory as per demand of respective student

Issue / Return Timing – Monday To Saturday – 10.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Reference Service

The Library possesses a good number of reference works such as Encyclopedias, Directories, Directories,_MG_0223 Handbooks, Atlases, CD-ROM, NPTEL video Course materials, E-Journals etc. These works make very useful reference material for students. A borrower can refer to them in the Library premises.


The library has subscribed journals, magazines in print. The journals, magazines & daily newspapers are displayed on the racks. Popular magazines / journal are available for reference on the premises against the identity card.

SC ST Book Bank

Book Bank books are made available separately for SC/ST Students, and Books are issued for the period of one semester to the students belonging to SC & ST. Eligible students may apply for books from the special collection as per the schedule announced by the library.

Book Bank For Divyang 

Book Bank facility is provided for divyang students. The respective students are provided with a set of books for all subjects during a particular semester upon application.

The database for the entire collection of books has been created and is made available for search through OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)

Internet Facility

Internet facility is made available in the library with 100 mbps lease line connection

Overnight Issue Facility

Members can barrow 1 book against identity card after 4.30 pm & return the same on next day before 9.30 am.

Book Reservation Facility
The books which are already issued to readers can be reserved at the circulation counter. One user can claim maximum 2 books for reservation which will remain valid for 3 days from the date of return. The claimant is advised to keep in touch with the circulation staff.

Old Question Paper Bank
Old Question papers are provided in hard copy form and digital form through library page on institute website.

Recent Arrivals
Latest additions to the library are listed monthly in the loose paper file kept at the reference counter.

News and Events of Library Department

July 25, 2018

User Awareness & Orientation Program

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April 2, 2018

School Students’ Visit to FAMT Library

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March 15, 2018

Central Library: Books Exhibition

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Library Advisory Committee (LAC)

(For Year 2017-18 to 2018-19)

Sr. No.

Name of committee members



Dr. Milind S Kirkire (Dean Academics)



Mr. M V Bhide (Librarian)

Member Secretary


Mr. G D Targaonkar ( Registrar)



Prof. V M Kulkarni ( 1st year Engineering)



Prof. M S Yadav ( Mechanical Engineering )



Prof. M A Jadhav ( Electronics Engineering )



Prof. Leslie S Fernandes ( Electrical Engineering)



Prof. M S Joshi ( IT Engineering)



Prof. D C Dengale ( Chemical Engineering)



Prof. S D Mainkar ( ENTC Engineering)



Prof.K R Bhosale (MCA)



Miss. Pranali Pramod Tayshete

Student Member

Competitive Exam

Institute library has created a separate competitive examination section with 825 number of books to facilitate students for preparation towards competitive Exams such as – GATE, UPSC, MPSC etc. 


University Question Papers

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Monday-Saturday: 9:00-05:30 Hrs
The college remains closed on Sundays; and First, Third and Fifth Saturday of every month.

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Library, 1st Floor, Administration Block, FAMT, P-60, P-60/1, MIDC Mirjole Block, Ratnagiri.