Governing Body of Finolex Academy of Management & Technology, Ratnagiri

This diverse group of supporters contribute to the advancement of the Institution through their knowledge, experience, and leadership.

Ms. Aruna M. Katara
Educationist Chairman
Dr. Mukesh D. Katara
Industrialist Management Representative
Ms. Amrita Katara  Industrialist Management Representative
Mr. Amit M. Katara Industrialist Management Representative
Mr. Saikrishna B.
Secretary of Management Management Representative
Dr. Surendra Thakurdesai Educationist Nominated by Registered Trust
Dr. Amit Dutta
Regional Officer and Deputy Director, WRO, AICTE, Mumbai Member(Ex-Officio)
Industrialist/Technologist /Educationist from the Region as nominee of the Council Member
Dr. Suresh K. Ukrande Nominee of the University Member
Mr. Pramod A. Naik
Nominee of Director, Directorate of Technical Education, Mumbai. Maharashtra State Member (Ex-Officio)
Dr. Kaushal K. Prasad  Principal Member Secretary
Dr. S. B. Kulkarni
Professor FAMT Member
Mr. Sachin S. Mestry
Assistant Professor FAMT Member


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