Workshop on Advanced PCB Design

Advanced PCB Design Using Proteus

One day Workshop on Advanced PCB Design using Proteus was arranged by the department of Electronics Engineering on 10th September 2017. It was organised for the students of Electronics Engineering by Mr. Sandeep R. Nalage, Assistant Professor – Electronics Engineering Department. The workshop aimed at making students aware of the recent softwares used in industry for PCB design, as PCB design happens to be one of the key skill set for Electronics Engineer in core industry. It will help the students to make the mini as well as final year projects on their own.

The  workshop  was  initiated  at  right  time  on  suggestion  of  Prof.  G. G. Bhide (HOD, Electronics), since this is the phase where students select their mini projects (TE) and final year projects (BE). Prof. G. G .Bhide addressed the students on importance of PCB design skill set. Prof. S. R. Nalage explained the types of software available for PCB designing, common errors in designing and advantages. The students designed different types of PCB’s using Proteus software. 66 students enthusiastically participated in all activities and received certificates.

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