An interesting workshop on recent topic “Programming with Arduino” was successfully conducted on 03 and 04 March, 2017, at Government Polytechnic, Malvan. The  organizing team was as follows:

Faculty Coordinators:

  1. Y. V. Mahadik (GP Malvan)
  2. S. G.Kamble (GP Malvan)

Resource Persons:

  1. A. R. Sutar (FAMT)
  2. J. J. Mane (FAMT)
  3. S. A. Shete (FAMT)

35 Students of Electrical Engineering, GPM, participated in the workshop. The two day workshop was divided in four sessions. Prof J. J. Mane introduced the concept of Microporcessors and Microcontrollers, applications, Arduino software etc. in the first session. Prof. A. R. Sutar conducted practicals on Aurdino with coordination and support of Prof. J. J. Mane and Prof. S. A. Shete. The workshop gave hands on practice on hardware interfacing and Programming of various module such as, LED, ADC, PWM, light brightness control, Buzzer, LCD, Seven Segments Display, serial communication etc. All Students were very happy and enjoyed the workshop. It also highly improved their confidence. This workshop will be useful for their final year projects as well as future carrier.

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