Wonderful balance of knowledge, skills, fun and friendship.

I am currently working in Infosys, Pune as a Automation Developer in .Net and VBA technology. I am the ex-student of the FAMT (MCA) of 2014 batch.

It’s difficult to sum up the memories and experience of three years in few lines. FAMT MCA is having very helpful and very sincere, dedicated and easily approachable faculty. A lecture is well planed and is sincerely followed throughout the semester. In a nutshell, measures are taken to make sure that the course is completed as per the syllabus and in allowed timings.

We students have the freedom to come with the new ideas and we get the full support of the faculty. In this process only , we could get the idea of freelancing and we the group of 3 started working on it. We had some development projects outside the curricular and those were successful. Because of this, our ideas and interest in coding has increased drastically which is helpful till date.

Apart from all these curricular activities, we had a Utopia and we used to enjoy it like anything. There are many events which are organized by various departments and students can participate in it. We had our own organization of MCA dept (SAM), and we have the experience of organizing events also, working with seniors and juniors as well. Participating in the events and organizing the events were the enjoyable.

My experience with this college has been a wonderful balance of knowledge, skills, fun and friendship.

-Ms. Sayali Sapre, MCA
Senior System Engineer, Infosys

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