Life in FAMT was awesome

I was in FAMT from 2012-2014, life in FAMT was awesome.  Let me share some moments of FAMT.

It was great fun studying in FAMT, as teachers were very supportive in studies as well as in other activities. I still remember the fun we use to have during lecture sometimes irritated our staff.. 😀

One thing I learned in FAMT is leadership quality. Being a part of SAM committee I learned to take responsibilities, to interact with people/staff/students, to do something apart from studies. One thing I would like to share is about invention of SYNERGY board near lab, I am glad to say that it was a great achievement we had. All this because of supportive MCA staff.

There were lots of friends I made during this period. There were lots of ups and downs I had, Professors were always there to guide me like a friend to overcome these ups and down.

I would like to share one thing, its not only studies but also other things like interacting with people, leading team, participating in activities which will make you perfect. This I had learned in FAMT. There are lots of things to share but less words to describe them.

At the end I must thank all MCA staff for guidance, because of that I am able to reach at this level. Thanks to all 🙂

-Gitesh Gurudas Naik, MCA
Software developer, Opendestinations Pvt. Ltd.

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