Workshop on PCB Designing

Two Days Workshop on



A workshop on “PCB designing and circuit making” was successfully conducted by Prof. Mane Jayant on 22 to 23 March, 2017, at SSPM’s College of Engineering and Technology, Kankavli as a part of a grand event VIRTUOSIC 2017. The event included workshops, seminar, project exhibitions, poster presentations, robotics, mock-test, debate, techno-gamming, LAN gamming cultural programs, paper presentations. Mr. Suyog Sawant was the convener of the event.

Total 55 Students from Electrical department SSPM’s COE participated in the workshop. The two day workshop was divided in four sessions. After inauguration in the first session, Prof. Mane Jayant J. introduced on developing applications in Electrical Engineering using electronic circuits, PCB, ways to arrange hardware components, methods to read data sheets of different devices, importance of  knowledge for them in future. The second session was introduction to the computer aided design in printed circuit board design and the schematic diagram. Then a schematic diagram of an ‘astable multivibrator circuit producing a sound of police siren’ was built in the software and the errors in the circuit were corrected. The third session was about making a layout from the schematic diagram.  Placing components, setting layers, clearances, track width, pad shapes and sizes, auto-routing, manual routing, placing vias, placing holes were taught.  A two-layer pcb and SMD components were introduced to the students. Session four was making the PCB and hardware circuit. Printing the layout on glossy paper then transferring it on copper clad and then itching process using Ferrous Chloride solution, drilling holes on PCB were taught. Afterwards the equipments required for soldering, soldering tips were given and hardware circuit making was discussed. Finally the circuits made by the students were examined and the tips for further improvement were given.

During the valedictory function workshop co-ordinator Prof. AchrekarSuraj and HOD in-charge Prof. D. Rajeshkumar disscussed the benefits of this workshop and extended vote of thanks. As per the feedback of the students they were very happy, enjoyed and had lot of fun during workshop and it highly improved their confidence. This workshop will be useful for their final year projects as well as future.

The resource person is very thankful to Principal SSPM’s COE, Kankavli, HOD electrical Prof. Vaingankar Sammer for their support. We are also very thankful to our Management, Principal Dr. Kaushal Prasad, Head of the department Prof. Mhabadi Suhas for giving permission to conduct this workshop.

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