SSP on Introduction to Machine Learning

FAMT Remote Center Organizes SSP on Introduction to Machine Learning in Collaboration with IIT, Kharagpur

FAMT Remote Center organized Saptahaant Shikshak Prashikshan (SSP) on Introduction to Machine Learning in collaboration with IIT Kharagpur on 16 and 17 December 2017 for upgrading knowledge and teaching skills of the faculty members in specialized technical and science subjects.

Saptahaant Shikshak Prashiks provided an opportunity to the faculty members to acquaint with the current technological developments in relevant fields especially machine learning, important concepts and techniques.Over the past decade, Machine Learning has been used in many domains like practical speech recognition and conversational system, effective web search and futuristic applications such as self-driving cars. The use of Machine Learning is pervasive in our daily lives.

Total 12 faculty members from Information Technology, Electronics Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Departments attended live lectures by the faculty of IIT Kharagpur and interacted through A-View at FAMT Remote Centre. It was coordinated by Prof. Swati Powar under the supervision of Remote Center Coordinator Dr. Shashikant S. Goilkar. Mr. Dhananjay Pawarkar worked as System Administrator and Mr. Ajay Peje coordinated A-View Session.

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