while(1) { Keep learning ; keep growing }

It was indeed the best times in FAMT. Had opportunity to learn under computer geeks. Few teachers spoon feeds for exam, luckily my department professors directed me on the path of programming without spoon feeding.

Cannot forget joy on face of IT HOD when I won proCeed. IT department have so many things to offer to students, it’s just willingness from student side.

IT professors are like LINUX, it’s a very friendly OS, but only when you want to become friend with.
I feel fortunate and grateful to all of my favorite teachers, who helped me to grow technically also supported me at personal level in my down times.

4 Years of knowledge can never help to survive for 30-35 years in Industry, I am very much thankful that these people built learning attitude in me, which for sure will lead me to success, till my last line of professional code.

printf(“Thank you so much dear FAMT-IT “);

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