Learn , Participate , Succeed and Achieve

FAMT was my alma mater from 2004 – 2007 and I must say that it has a lion’s share in shaping my career. Like I have stated in my headline; that is what FAMT inspires you to do – LEARN, PARTICIPATE, SUCCEED and ACHIEVE.
I was given plenty of access to at par computer lab facilities to sharpen my programming skills; encouraged to participate in college festivals, debates, Student organization activities; the T&P department ensured that we get campus interviews / placements so that we can make our mark in the world.

Hat’s off to the unwavering dedication of the Principal, HOD’s, Professor’s who encourage the above qualities for each student relentlessly.Thank you all for helping me shape my future.

– Pushkar Sambhus, Alumni MCA 2004-2007

Automation Specialist, Workday Inc

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