Best faculty members and great support from them

Best faculty members and great support from them, encouragement for extra and co – curricular activities…

I graduated from FAMT in 2009 and presently working in Rolls-Royce Design Center as Design Engineer. I have lots of fond memories which will always be cherished. I had a great support from FAMT faculty especially Prof. Milind Yadav. He gave me great moral support during final year project in automobile domain which was a key in getting me placed in Rolls Royce.

FAMT has best faculty members who are always ready to help students in every aspect of campus life. There is no form of ragging here. The crowd, especially the senior-junior relationship is pretty lively, helpful and friendly. Practical labs with best assistants were always at the support for the student. Again, laboratories at the FAMT are very well equipped with all modern and state of the art equipments. Apart from studies, college helped me lot in extracurricular activities.

Thank you Team FAMT….

Mr. Vinit Chikhale
B E Mechanical
Rolls Royce

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