A patent filed by Finolex Students

Third Year Electrical Engineering Students’ successfully filing for a Patent

A complete patent (Application No. 201721015232) has been successfully filed at Indian patent office by T. E Electrical engineering students along with Prof. Jayant J. Mane for their invention “Systems for regenerative braking with remote monitoring.” The team of inventors is as follows-

  1. Jayant Jagannath Mane
  2. Ashish Abhay Kolekar
  3. Sahil Jeevan Phondekar
  4. Aniket Rajan Surve
  5. Vikrant Vilas Zore

The regenerative systems recover and reuse energy from the system which is otherwise wasted to stop it. It is the most efficient way of stooping any moving system like electrical vehicles, large stirrers.

Every year a course project in the subject Power Electronics (semester V) is given to the third year electrical engineering class by Prof. Jayant J. Mane. The students while working on course project get exposure to practical design, simulation, microcontroller programming and hardware implementation of the circuit.The student feels confident and start planning for the final year project in third year itself. This patent is the result of the same process. This was not possible without the co-operation, support and encouragement from the head of Electrical Engineering department Prof. S. H. Mhabadi and the Principal Dr. Kaushal Prasad.

patant certificate_1

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