Workshop on PYTHON

A workshop on “PYTHON” was organized in by Student Association of MCA and the department of MCA on 17 and 18 February 2017. This Workshop was conducted for students of Finolex Academy and nearby colleges. The workshop was coordinated by Prof. Ravindra V. Kerkar and conducted by Prof. Ajinkya S. Naphade from Athalye Sapre Pitre College, Devrukh.

Python is billed by the Python Software Foundation as being easy to learn and in use. It’s useful for a range of application types, including Web development, scientific computing, and education. Google and Instagram have been among the many users of Python, and the language scores well in popularity indexes.

Miss Madhura Pillai welcomed resource person and participants. This workshop covered basic topics which include data types, variables, strings, control structures, tuples, list, dictionary, functions, modules, class and object, and advanced topics like file input/output, exception handling, GUI programming and Database connectivity in Python. All participants were benefited with hands on session on various topics of Python. It helped students to developed project using Python language. It received good response from students of Finolex Academy and nearby colleges. Prof. Ravindra V. Kerkar gave the vote of thanks.

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