Tuning of PID Controllers enrichment program

A course enrichment program on ‘Tuning of PID Controllers’ was organized by Electrical engineering department on 12th August 2017. The program was inaugurated by HOD Prof. Suhas H. Mhabadi with his informative and motivational talk on PID controllers. The program was conducted by Assistant Professor Mr. Sudhir S. Wamane for the students of final year electrical engineering. The objective of the program was to create awareness about PID control algorithm and its tuning as they are widely used in the control and automation industries.

The program coordinator Mr. Sudhir S. Wamane emphasized on characteristics and industrial thumb rules to design the PID controllers along with the examples showing effects of P, PI, PD and PID controllers on the response of control system. The program covered various open loop and closed loop tuning methods of PID controllers’ viz. Ziegler – Nichols, Tyreus – Luyben, Cohen – Coon, Chien – Hrones – Reswick and damped oscillation tuning method. The program coordinator demonstrated above tuning methods and their comparison in MATLAB software. Total 69 students were actively participated in the program. The students gave feedback regarding the program and responded that they enjoyed learning the methods to tune PID controllers.

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