Transform Maharashtra: Digital Samwad

Digital Samwad- ‘Amhi Amachya Veerana Salam Karato’

To celebrate the existence of Republic in India and to pay tribute to the heroes of the country, Transform Maharashtra Leadership Ambassador Team- Mahayuva from FAMT in collaboration with FAMT Cultural Cell organized a Digital Smwad titled’ Amhi Amachya Veerana Salam Karato on 25th January 2018. It was done through live web-streaming in which, Mr. Dhanraj Vanjari (Retired ACP, Advocate and Psychotherapist) addressed the young students.

Mr. Vanjari made the youngsters aware about the meaning of republic, their roles and responsibilities as the citizens of India and guided the students about how they can contribute for the development of our country. While defining the difference between the Virtual Hero and Factual Hero, he underlined the necessity of real/ factual heroes for the country.

Nearly 100 students were present for the said programme. Mr. Omkar Pol (Ambassador of Team Mahayuva) along with his team members put efforts to make the event successful. Prof. D.M. Bapat along with Cultural Committee members coordinated the programme.

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