Training Program on Carpentry

The Department of Mechanical Engineering Ratnagiri held “One Day Training Program on Carpentry” at Abhyankar Muk Badhir Vidyalaya, Ratnagiri, on 7 February, 2017 for the physically handicapped students.

The workshop was conducted by  Prof. Amar Yekane (Asst. Prof. MED and Workshop In-charge, FAMT) along with Mr. Deepak Mestry under the guidance and encouragement from Dr. Kaushal Prasad  and Dr. Milind S Kirkire  .

The workshop began with introductory speech by Mrs.Tatke (Head Mistress, Abhyankar Muk Badhir Vidyalaya) along with Prof. Amar Yekane.

Prof. Amar Yekane along with Mr. Deepak Mestry spoke to the students about the importance, applications and opportunities in carpentry. Mr. Deepak Mestry showed the practical demonstration on wood turning lathe machine by means of various useful carpentry jobs. A hands on training session was also conducted for the students.

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