Training Program on Aptitude Test

Department of Science and Humanities

First Year Engineering Students Association

Training Program on Aptitude Test

First Year Engineering Student’s Association successfully organized a ‘Training Program on Aptitude Tests’ on 13 February 2017 for F.E students. More than 80% companies conduct aptitude test to assess candidates’ aptitude and related skills to ensure recruitment of the most efficient employees. It is observed that many students perform poorly in such aptitude test, though they have higher grades or pointers in academics. FESA organized training to sensitize and guide the students to prepare for aptitude test for recruitment or competitive examinations like GATE.

 Prof D. S. Nangare, Teacher in charge of FESA introduced the objectives of the program. Prof M. N. Tagare, Dean of Students Affair and Dr. S.B. Kulkarni, Dean of Academics and HoD, guided and motivated the students to develop aptitude skills. Prof Leslie Fernandes and Prof M. S. Modak were the experts for the training of students. Both experts have considerable experience of teaching aptitude skills. Prof Leslie Fernandes gave deep insight into the requirements of industries. H explained how students can prepare for the same. Prof M. S. Modak taught Vedic Mathematics to improve speed of calculation of the students which is very important because students are given limited time and they are not allowed to use calculators during aptitude tests. Read More