A seminar on Substation Equipment’s

A seminar on ‘Substation Equipment’s and Bus bar Schemes’

A Seminar was arranged on ‘Substation Equipment’s and Bus bar Schemes’ on 25th January 2018 for final year students of Electrical Engineering. Mr. Prathamesh Chavan, Electrical Engineer, Toshiba Transmission and Distribution, Hyderabad was invited to interact with the students. Prof. M.N.Tagare introduced and welcomed Mr Prathamesh Chavan. He graduated in Electrical Engineering and completed his Post Graduate Diploma in Transmission and Distribution from NPTI, Bangalore. He served as Service Engineer at Varuna Pumps and Avail Parts.

During the seminar, various substation euipments like Surge arrester, wave trap, CVT, CT, Circuit Breakers, isolators, Bus bars etc., their specifications and use were discussed.  He explained the structure and differences between AIS and GIS. Different bus bar schemes like Single Bus bar, Sectionalized bus bar, double bus bar and double main cum Transfer bus bar, concept of three and half breaker were discussed in details. He stressed the importance of substation earthing and methods of substation earthing. The seminar ended with question answer session.  55 students and 2 faculty members were present for the seminar which was organized by Prof. Tagare and Prof. Sudhir Wamane.

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