Seminar On Tools for CAD/CAE

The department of Mechanical Engineering conducted seminar on “Tools for CAD/CAE” on 15th January, 2018 for the students of third year Mechanical Engineering. Mr. Kishanlal Sahoo, CAD Engineer at IFS Academy, Pune conducted the seminar. Prof. G. D. Pandit welcomed and introduced Mr. Kishanlal Sahoo. Mr. Kishanlal Sahoo explained the basics of CAD/CAE techniques, its importance and their wide applications in industrial field. He also guided the students for different application oriented courses in detail. The session concluded with vote of thanks.

Prof. M. L. Naik, Prof. P. B. Horambe, Prof. G. D. Pandit, Prof. P. R. Kamble and Prof. S. S. Surywanshi took efforts to conduct the seminar successfully.

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