Sahayog – Donation Drive for Avishkar, Ratnagiri

Information Technology Students’ Association (ITSA) organized Sahayog – Donation Drive for Avishkar, Ratnagiri from 4th to 6th October 2017. The drive was inaugurated on 4th October in the presence of Dr. Vinayak Bharadi, HoD IT, Prof. Santosh Jadhav, Prof. Deven Ketkar (ITSA In-charge) and faculty members. Dr. Vinayak Bharadi shared his thoughts on need of social contributions which can inculcate social responsibilities in every student and human being. Prof. Deven ketkar (Itsa In-charge) also shared his thoughts and gave guidelines regarding the drive.

TE IT students took active participation in setting donation counters across FAMT campus. The drive received tremendous response from students and teachers who contributed by donating grocery, fruits, confectionary and clothes. Besides, items like uniform, and utensils like Idli cooker, plates, cups and small plates as per the needs of Avishkar institute were also donated. A part of donation from this drive was also given to MAHER institute and Ashadeep, Ratnagiri.

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