Real Time Simulation for Chemical Engineers

A seminar on “Real Time Simulation for Chemical Engineers” was organized by Chemical Engineering department on February 10, 2017. The objective of programme was to make students aware about the operations in Chemical Industry and the Control Systems used, such as Distributed Control System (DCS), SCADA.

Mr. Abhijeet Dhanawde, Marketing Engineer from Tri-angle Simulation Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai gave brief insight on the topics.The demonstration of ‘Academic Real Time Simulation Modules’ was given by Mr. Mayuresh Khandare, Process Engineer from Tri-angle Simulation Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai. He explained the Heat Exchanger Module and a Binary Distillation Module to the SE, TE and BE student. Mr. Sunil M Badgujar, Asst. Professor, Chemical Engineering Department  coordinated the programme. Read More


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