Industrial visit to Bharat Electricals

Industrial visit to Bharat Electricals arranged for BE Electrical students

An industrial visit was arranged for BE Electrical students to M/s Bharat Electricals, Ratnagiri on 12th August 2017. It is a transformer repair workshop handling transformers up to 1MVA. In this visit, all the parts of transformer, their construction and their assembly were explained to the students. HV and LV coil winding machine and its process, ovening process to improve insulation resistance and megger test were demonstrated and testing of transformers along with BDV testing and operation of oil filtering machine were also studied. The students acquired the information about various materials like conductor, iron, insulation used in transformer manufacturing. Off load tap changer and its operation was demonstrated to them. Total 78 students were present for the visit. Prof. M. N. Tagare has arranged this visit while Prof. P. J. Kadam accompanied him during the visit.


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