ELEKTRA Event 2K17

Electrical Engineering Student’s Association (EESA)


EESA organized a huge event on 16 and 17 February for the first time, consists of many technical, social, brainteaser and fun events. Students across disciplines like engineering diploma, B.Sc., Fisheries and Engineering from Konkan and Western Maharashtra participated in different events.

The event was inaugurated by Dr. Kaushal Prasad (Principal) in presence of Prof. Suhas Mhabadi (HOD Electrical), Prof. Jayant Mane (EESA Incharge), Mr. Prathamesh Rasal (EESA Student Head), Miss. Shweta Chorge (EESA Ladies Representative), all heads of different departments, teaching/ non-teaching staff and students from FAMT as well as other colleges.

The whole event was coordinated with EESA members:

  • EESA head – Prathamesh Rasal
  • EESA ladies representative- Sheta Chorge
  • Industrial Visits – Vishnu Shibu
  • Technical events – Prateek Gawde
  • Sports events – Saurabh Katdare
  • Photography department – Siddhesh Ranavde
  • Training and placement – Shubham Thakur

Here is the brief summary of events held

  1. Technical Power point presentation – on any technical subject or latest trends in technology (Incharge – Harshada B.E. Electrical)
  2. Debate- On national and social issues (Incharge-  Rameshwar B.E. Electrical)
  3. Quiz- science, history, geography, bollywood, cricket/sports (Incharge – Mazeen B.E. Electrical)
  4. Cross-Ward- science (Incharge – Shweta Chorge B.E. Electrical)
  5. Rubik-Cube- a classic puzzle to make some given patterns of colors on the cube. (Incharge –  Shweta Chorge B.E. Electrical)
  6. Gaming- Computer LAN gaming and mobile gaming. (Incharge – Bhagyesh and Susmit B.E. Electrical)
  7. Picture perfect- a photography competition. (Incharge – Pawan B.E. Electrical)
  8. Treasure Hunt  (Incharge –  Suyash B.E. Electrical)
  9. Poster Making- on social issues. (Incharge –  Shweta Mandavkar B.E. Electrical)
  10. Fun Games-  series of fun games (Incharge – Faraz, David and Rohan B.E. Electrical)
  11. Futsal- a football game (Incharge – Gaurav and Sanman B.E. Electrical)

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