Electric Safety Awareness Campaign

The State Government of Maharashtra celebrates ‘Electric Safety Week’ every year from 11th to 17th January. Since, there is tremendous increase in inventions and subsequent use of the electrical and electronic appliances in day to day life for the comfort and ease. It becomes mandatory to ensure electric safety while using these appliances. It has been revealed through investigations in most of the cases that people are very casual about handling electronic appliances which invites severe accidents and causalities.

Keeping these aspects in mind, the department of Electrical Engineering observed ‘Electric Safety Week’ by organizing ‘Electric Safety Awareness Campaign’ across schools and colleges of Ratnagiri city. The students gave the presentations on Electric safety followed by question answer session. Through these presentations, they shared information about various household electronic appliances, correct method of use, precautions while handling such appliances, and do’s and don’ts to ensure safety of the users. These trained students are expected to disseminate the information not only to students but also to their families and the society.

44 students of the Electrical engineering department approached 12 institutes between 11th to 17th January 2018 and trained total 1464 students about Electric safety. The teachers of these institutes also attended the sessions and appreciated the efforts taken by the Electrical Engineering students. Prof. M. N. Tagare and Prof. S. S. Wamane coordinated the campaign successfully.


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