A Seminar on Industrial Safety by ACES

A seminar on Industrial Safety was organized by Association of Chemical Engineering Students (ACES) on 09thMarch, 2018.  This event was organized in two phases. In first phase, the importance of safety in industrial practice was highlighted by the Guest Speaker Mr. Pradeep Kamble, Retd. Safety Officer, Finolex Industries Limited, Ratnagiri. Through his informative talk, Mr. Pradeep Kamble emphasized on the necessity of having a sound knowledge of safety equipments.

The second phase of the event was devoted to demonstration and hands on experience with fire fighting equipments. It started with gathering of all students at the backside of the building located in the campus. A fire was created at the backside using dried leaves and paper wastes for demonstration.  Mr. Kamble demonstrated the skills to act against fire and also demonstrated the handling and safe use of fire extinguisher. Many types of fire extinguishers like DCP and Dry CO2 were kept for display and use for demonstration by the students. The students followed the instructions given by Mr. Kamble and successfully used the extinguisher to extinguish the fire in the backside of the building. Prof. A. K. Bandsode, HOD Chemical Engineering Department, Prof. Prashant A. Giri, ACES In-charge, faculty and the students of Chemical Engineering were present for the event. ACES faculty in charge and team coordinated the event excellently.

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