08 Gold Medals in NPTEL Online Courses

Success of FAMT in NPTEL Online Courses

Among 16 Top Scorer Faculty members of FAMT, 07 of the faculty members received 08 Gold medals in NPTEL Online Courses Examination held during September and October. 75 Faculty members enrolled and certified successfully in 33 online courses offered by NPTEL. The principal congratulated the gold medalists:

Sr no


1 Dattatraya C. Dengale
2 Darshana P. Bhogte
3 Suvarna J. Abhyankar (02 Gold Medals)
4 Santosh V. Jadhav
5 Aditi A. Naik
6 Sujay D. Mainkar
7 Darshana M. Bapat

FAMT NPTEL Local Chapter was established to encourage the faculty members to pursue courses designed by IITs and NITs. It was coordinated by Dr. V. A. Bharadi.

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