Celebration of International Yoga Day

FAMT celebrated 4th International Yoga Day. As a part of this celebration, a session on Yoga was organized for faculty and staff members of FAMT. It was conducted by Prof. G. S. Kulkarni from FAMT, who is a certified Yoga Trainer.

The session was introduced by Principal- Dr. Kaushal Prasad; in which he underlined the importance of exercise, meditation for everyone.  In the session, Prof. Kulkarni explained the body system, its functioning and types of Yoga. He also focused on the importance of a regulated human life with the help of Yoga and Meditation.

The session made the faculty members aware and conscious about the physical and mental health and care with the help of Yoga. Some meditation exercises through different types of Pranayama were practically learnt by the faculty during the session. The programme was anchored by Prof. D. M. Bapat. The session ended with vote of thanks.

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