About Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Department

_MG_9896Globalization has brought about a revolutionary change in the Electronics and Telecommunication sector. World is moving towards the fourth generation of mobile communication. This has resulted into ever increasing demand for Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers in India and abroad. Taking into account this fact, the Academy has started the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering in 2008, which is an 8 semester Degree Course with an intake of 60 students. The Department has well-equipped laboratories and dedicated staff to cater to the needs of undergraduate students.

The Department is committed towards disseminating knowledge and providing students with an education that opportunities to excel in extra-curricular activities. The primary objective of the Department has been to impart quality education and training at the undergraduate level in various areas of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering with broad emphasis on design aspects of Electronics and Communication systems.

The Department has a team of dedicated faculty members with strong commitment to engineering education and excellence in teaching-learning process. The curriculum encompasses multifaceted areas in communication such as   Basic Analog and Digital Communication, Optical   Communication, Computer Communication and Networking, Digital Signal Processing and Wireless Communication, RF and Microwaves, to comply with the needs of worldwide telecom revolution.

The Department is well-equipped with laboratories containing latest equipments, along with software and hardwareIMG_6750HR tools to cater to the need of advanced communication technologies. The laboratories have state-of-the-art equipment like Spectrum Analyzers, Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, High Frequency CRO and Radio Frequency Signal Generators. Also, state-of-art experiment kits for Radio Frequency. Design, RF Filters, Digital Telephony, Digital and Analog Communication Systems, Antenna and Wave – Department has industry standard Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design and Fabrication Laboratory for hardware workshop and projects with all facilities from film development to etching and tinning machines.

Association   of   Students of   Electronics and Telecommunication (ASENT) organizes technical events, technical paper presentation, guidance on personality development, project completion, circuit building competition and other activities which provide a platform for students to learn technical, organizational and managerial skills.

To meet with industry requirements, the Department organizes Industrial Training for students. Last year 120 students participated in two weeks Industrial Training programme at BSNL, Ratnagiri.


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