About Chemical Engineering Department

chem(1)Chemical Engineering Department is a progressive department which is always striving for quality. It was started in2008and has a sanctioned intake of 60. The Department has highly competitive under graduate program which prepare the students to the best in their profession. Ever since it started, it has produced outstanding chemical engineers which are now placed in reputed organizations. The department also has the tradition of encouraging students to pursue higher education. Many of our students are already taking higher education in the field of chemical engineering. Well qualified faculty is the backbone of this department. With this strength, the department has served the needs of the students to the fullest.

Chemical Engineering Department has very well developed laboratories which are among the best in Mumbai University. Every laboratory has been designed to impart practical knowledge in various fields of chemical engineering such as mass transfer, heat transfer, process control, chemical reaction engineering and computer application etc.


The educational mission of the Chemical Engineering program is to provide students with a strong academic foundation on which to continue to address complex problems in chemical engineering and to be the leading Chemical Engineering Department in India whichcontribute highly skilled graduates to the society.


  1. To provide the students with a sound technical education in the field of chemical engineering that will enable them to have a successful career in various fields of chemical engineering.
  2. To enable students to achieve professional success with an understanding and appreciation of ethical behavior, social responsibility and diversity, both as individuals and team members.




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